GTA Online
GTA Online gets new update.Facebook

Rockstar Games have introduced a new update that will begin on 18 December for GTA 5'S online multiplayer. A new Capture update will be rolling out for GTA Online adding four new modes and 20 new jobs.

 The four modes in the game are:

  • Raid- Players have to reach a base belonging to the opposition and have to steal a package which in turn has to be delivered back to his home base in given time to win the match.

'Beachin' - is a raid involving four factions to steal other's stash to control the area.

'Wargames' - is a raid that happens between the factions of weapon stockpilers who will use anything at their disposal to eliminate the other.

  • Hold- This mode tasks teams to collect and store all the packages in their bases and after they reach a target score in a given time, they will be crowned the winners.

'Block Party' - This is a close quarters gang fight between four factions where each tries to steal the other with only two packages at the disposal. Here, players have to protect the package they steal from others.

  • GTA - In this mode, players steal target vehicles that are located in the map and each team must fight their way to steam more number of vehicles in the given time.

'My Maibatsu' - Which of the four factions can steal the shipment of dirt bikes and bring it back to the base and also protect it until the countdown ends.

'Field of Screams' - This is a fight for a Fieldmaster tractor where two rival factions fight for it just about the harvest time.

  • Contend - This mode provides the factions with only one package which must be got back to the base. But after some time the package respawns and appears in the map and is up for grabs.

'Salty Snatch' - A shipment lands on the pier of the Chumash Beach and players have to hide it to keep other's hand's off it.