GTA Online
GTA Online Money-Making Glitch Likely to be Removed.Rockstar Games

Since the release of GTA Online, numerous cheats and in-game glitches have been revealed by the GTA fans, regarding how to generate quick money and how to easily increase character RP.

However, recent reports claim that the players who reveal or use these tricks, particularly on Xbox 360, will now be banned from the game. It is also understood that some users have already been banned.

One of the latest videos by WikiGamesGuide on how a player can generate $33,500 by repeatedly reselling his or her bike indicates that the players can make over a billion in GTA Online in a day by reselling vehicles, leaving the game's economy useless, reports Eskimo Press.

One of the GTA Online players who was banned recently contacted the Rockstar Support Team and got the reply, "We're aware of the issue and until we can fix it, we'll ban anyone with a history of abusing this design flaw. It will ruin others' enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that's vital to the online experience. We're in discussion with Microsoft, too, to escalate these bans from online privileges to user accounts as a statement against these antics. We don't expect any outrage from the law-abiding playerbase who haven't devalued others' items and hard-work with an exploit - these the customers we are proud to help."

In GTA Forum, it has also been speculated that Rockstar could be banning a few players just to scare others and the banned players might get their account reset. "What I don't understand is people's doubt... Maybe denial they might get their account reset? Rockstar could just be banning 5% of the exploiters to scare the rest, perhaps, and they're going to do an official announcement soon (most likely before word-of-mouth does a little work)," stated one of the fans in the forum.

With thousands of people now becoming billionaires in GTA Online, the game's economy is certainly affected, which might lead to Rockstar calling in for a full game reset.