GTA 5 was released on

GTA Online fans has been experiencing constant bugs while logging into the multi-player game. Rockstar, GTA's creator, as said before, has been working on the issue since day one of its release.

While most players worldwide have not been able to log in because of the unavailability of servers, some of the lucky gamers have managed to experience the game.

Listed below are some tips one should keep in mind while playing GTA Online:

Choose a good vehicle while stealing: It has been noted that the first stolen vehicle is the only one which player can use throughout the game. However, once a new car is bought, the player should try to steal a nice car. One just simply needs to invest more time in wandering around to discover the best vehicle. It has been noted that not all cars will be available for stealing, so one should try to steal the best possible one.

Cheat-Codes: GTA 5 cheat-codes for Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 will not work on GTA Online. It's all fair play, until someone discovers the codes and posts them online.

Connectivity Errors: If a player is facing a hard time in logging in GTA Online due to some connection bugs, there is no need to worry as players who already have access are facing server errors, screen black-out and mid-game crashes along with programme freezing.

Save the money for a SMG: A user should try saving his/her in-game cash to buy a deadly SMG gun. Save money while shopping in the beginning of the game. The SMG would not be available to gamers in the beginning. One would need to reach a certain level to unlock the gun.

Stay Away from Parked Cars which Explode: A user should stay away from suspiciously looking parked cars as they can activate ignition bombs or booby-traps, which explode when a vehicle key is used. Some of the remote bombs are also included in the game as a punishment to carjackers.

Optional missions are important and join a crew: Optional missions are important in the game as each completion adds to the player's reputation in the game. The mission completion also gives cash. Joining a crew also adds to the player's reputation. One can collaborate with the crew members who can help completing the mission faster.

Character creation: Carefully mix and match to create a character with the special abilities you want your character to carry.

Visit banks often: As soon as a person completes a mission, he/she gets some cash. The player is vulnerable to robberywhile carrying cash. Hence one needs to deposit money in banks to avoid losing the prize when a mission is completed.

Buying a garage: Another wise investment after SMG would be on a garage from where one can start hoarding vehicles. Garages would not be easy to buy as they are pricey.

These points should be kept in mind as the player starts with the GTA Online game, according to IGN. More details will be out as the players discover more.