GTA Online
Rockstar explains Race Creator for GTA

Rockstar Games, makers of the hit action-adventure Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, the multiplayer version of GTA 5 have explained in detail the working of the Race Creator though Rockstar Newswire. The post acts as a guide to players who want to create races on GTA Online.

This guide will offer you tips on what makes up a good or bad race, it shares detail on choosing the right location, placing up of items and Stunt Jumps.

How to get it all started?

  • Players must decide on the kind of the race they would like to build from Land, Sea or Air Race.
  • Players must also decide on the terrain and what vehicle they want.
  • Players will be able to set a range of different parameters like availability of vehicles, time of day, lap numbers, weather in Race Details Menu.
  • All these settings can also be changed later.

Choosing the Location

  • Players need to create a Trigger,
  • Trigger will be the place players will be going to in Freemode to start the race. They also have to create an approximate area for the Starting Grid.
  • If a player is away from where they like to start the race, then they can click on the Start button and select an area in the map to head there immediately.
  • Players must mark out Checkpoints along the Race route.
  • Players can use their left stick to move the camera and right stick can be used to pan, L2/LT and R2/RT buttons to zoom.
  • Terrain and location should be selected very carefully.
  • In case, any players wants to place another Checkpoint between two existing ones, players must make sure that the new Chekpoint touches the blue line that pops up between the already placed Checkpoints. The blue gets highlighted in yellow telling that you are inserting between two that already exists.
  • All races must be a minimum of 0.62 miles.
  • Players must complete at least one test before they Publish.
  • Rockstar recommends that players have more than one Test.

Getting the Placement Right

  • Players can place Props, Weapons and Boosts in a creative way and add excitement to the layout. If playing it as GTA Race then place them on the Race route
  • Go to Placement > Weapons Menu for weapons, go to Placement > Props for props
  • Placing of these items will also let players to have a spectacular jumps
  • When placing Stunt jumps, players must keep in mind that they have to place two markers, one at the ramp's end where the player will be taking off and another that sets position of Stunt Jump camera (cameras can be adjusted using analog sticks)
  • Certain props can be placed only in certain areas e.g. Water Ramps cannot be placed in land.


  • Players must test their routes "rigorously," and if they did not like it, they can always get back to the creator to edit it.
  • While testing, make sure that Respawn points works properly, especially when near a large structure.

Delete All

  • If players want to delete all, go to Placement > Delete Options

Tips for Design from Rockstar

  • Players must make sure of the visibility of Checkpoints.
  • For tight turns, place your Checkpoint slightly before the apex of the corner. This will give the player ample notice to brake and allow them to focus on maintaining a good racing line.
  • A well-placed Checkpoint should indicate and upcoming turn.
  • Creators of the race must have description on how best to play the Race. Let players what works better in your race.
  • Weapons and Health pickups must be places separately and far apart so that a single player will not be able to grab both of them. This will help the race to be competitive.
  • Weapons pickups must be tactically place and used sparingly otherwise it will be constant irritation for the racers.
  • Racers will come back to your race if you place weapon pickups appropriately and the races must be well-balanced and enjoyable in both standard and GTA Race formats.
  • Players must use jumps sparingly as too many of them can be harmful for the race.
  • Placement of Boost pickups must be done in straight sections and in key overtaking positions.
  • Don't place Stunt Jump cameras before turns as the player may lose sight of their vehicle.
  • Vehicles should be selected based on layout and terrain of the route. Compacts are suited for city routes and off-road vehicles for Blaine County. Players must know that the race must be balanced and this can be achieved by meticulous testing. Try your Race route with different vehicles.
  • Air Races must have a mixture of vertical and lateral, side-to-side movements. Extreme tight turns can make the game unplayable. Players can switch to their in-game camera for turning abilities of every aircraft when testing during Checkpoint placements.
  • Experimentation is the key, so play and have fun.


  • Players can Publish the Race and it will be available for Social Club community.