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The multiplayer version of the immensely popular and highly successful game Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5, GTA Online troubles its players when it comes to making money. Since players require loads of money in the game to keep themselves afloat, they have discovered a new glitch that will fetch them more money via duplication of cars.

Players have found that any vehicle that is sold with this glitch will receive full payment, and unlike other glitches will not be capped at with any given amount. Another added benefit is that players here play alone.

Below we explain how to exploit the solo duplication glitch (MotoringCrunch):

1.       Players who have transferred their car from single player to multiplayer or have a got the $50k message, then the best thing to do is to get a Rebel as your car. Players can get the car and either wait until the name fades or till the engine starts.

2.       Now, at that correct time, players have to press Triangle/Y and tap or hold R2/ Right Trigger. Players should not let go of Triangle/Y before pressing R2/RT. (To get the timing right, players will have to go through lot of tries)

3.       If the player has done this correctly then either there will be a change in the camera zoom or as the screen fades, the door of the car will open a little.

4.        The player will spawn next to the car, which will be a duplicate one.

5.       Get into the car and drive it. Then, enter the garage but do not replace the original car.

6.       Again, the player should drive his car and head straight to Los Santos Customs.

7.       Now at the Los Santos Customs, call for your mechanic and request for the same car that you are driving.

8.       In case you are restricted to step 1, then the player should call the Rebel.

9.       As soon as the Rebel appears, you have to sell the car.

10.   After you have sold the car, get your original car and insure it again.

11.   Now take the car back to your garage.

12.   If you want to duplicate again and make more money, go back to single player  and again enter the invite only session. If players have used the Rebel then destroy it and get a new one.

13.   Repeat this entire process.

This is one of the quickest ways to make money and fill your garage with duplicates.

How to Get a Jumbo Jet?

In GTA 5, the thrill in stealing the Jumbo Jet is a must-do challenge. Not only is the Jumbo Jet huge, but also very delicate and hence it is difficult to be successful in stealing it.

In GTA Online, many players have made numerous attempts in stealing the Jumbo Jet but many of those attempts have resulted in failure.

Though it is difficult to pilot a Jumbo Jet, players who are interested in this task can follow the below steps to land themselves a Jumbo Jet (MotoringCrunch):

1.       Jumbo Jet must be stolen in single player mode. Land it at Trevors Airstrip.

2.       Now save the game.

3.       Now switch to GTA Online and go directly to Trevors Airstrip.

4.       See that you place your character in the same place where you left it in single player mode when you had saved it.

5.       Make sure that "spawn at last location" is turned ON.

6.       Immediately switch back to single player mode and then back to GTA Online.

7.       Now that you are back in GTA Online, head to the Xbox or PlayStation store and when it is loading, sign out of your account.

8.       This will make GTA 5 start the prologue mission.

9.       Now sign-in to you account and load the last saved game in single player.

10.    Switch to GTA Online and the Jumbo Jet will be right next to you.

Players can use the glitch to get a Jumbo Jet instead of stealing it from the airport in GTA Online.

New Session Glitch

GTA Online glitches help the player in the game and it is the most appreciated when compared with other games.

However, GTA Online consumes lot of time, right from switching lobbies to reaching the other end of the map.

Players have discovered a glitch that will help players quicken the switch to the invite only session. Before the discovery of this glitch, players had to return to single player mode before they could start an invite only session.

Use the glitch to save time and help you fare better in the game:

1.      In GTA Online, press start.

2.      Go to the GTA Online tab and select Content Creator.

3.      In Content Creator, press start.

4.      Now, you will notice that the start menu is the same at it is in the single player mode.

5.      Now start your invite only session here.