GTA Online
Rockstar gives tips on creation of custom Deathmatches for GTA

Developer Rockstar Games' highly successful and popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5's (GTA 5) multiplayer version GTA Online has various features for players to showcase their creativity and ingenuity.

Rockstar had previously revealed how to use the Race Creator in this open-world, action-adventure video game, and now it explains on how to create killer Deathmatches using the Creator.

How to get started?

Players will be entering their name and Deathmatch description, along with the parameters that include number of players in a team, target score, time limit and time of day under the Deathmatch Details Menu.

Players have to note that the Deathmatches are playable in both formats - Normal and Team types. Players have to select their Deathmatch type and that will be the default type, when they enter a job.

The main element in a Deathmatch is the balanced weapon choice. Use Lock Weapons option to choose:

  • Forced Only - Here players can choose only one particular weapon.
  • Forced + Pickups - Here players are restricted to weapons in the start but are later allowed pickups.
  • Owned + Pickups - Here players can bring their own loadouts.

The above options will allow players to create, say knives-only or pistols-only Deathmatches.

How to get the placing right?

Similar to creating Races, a Trigger has to be placed from where players will have to start their Deathmatch from. This will roughly chart out the location of the Deathmatch.

Take a Lobby Camera picture to set the pre-job background, advices Rockstar.

Spawn Points:

These points in the map determine where the players will respawn after dying. It is important to get their placements right and will help in Deathmatches being fun to play. Spawn Points will be displayed at the bottom right of the screen and it will increase or decrease, based on the player counts setting in a Deathmatch Details Menu.

Team Start Points:

These points must be marked for players when they start the job playing in Team Deathmatch. Players creating the Deathmatch are free to experiment.

Now players must populate the playing area with weapons, health, vehicles, props and armor pickups. Players creating this must test their creations repeatedly and change them accordingly. Keep in mind to balance the weapons, so that no weapon dominates against others.

Players can go to Randomize option after the Trigger is placed for an instant Deathmatch on the selected area.

Players can also gain access to create underground areas and in some buildings by switching to in-game camera and pressing Select/Back button.

Tips for Good Design

  • The ultimate goal of a Deathmatch is Balance and no player or Spawn Point must have unfair advantage or disadvantage.
  • Players must carefully consider cover placement, high ground and sight lines. This will help in creation of effective sniper spots and chokepoints.
  • When designing, keep in mind the radius of the Deathmatch.
  • If the Deathmatch is taking place over a smaller area, then players must lower the minimum number of players.
  • Powerful weapons must be placed in areas that are very hard to reach and pickups must be placed at dangerous locations.
  • The Deathmatch will be more interesting if placed on an area having different terrain and existing structures.
  • Players must scout for good spots for Deathmatches, when they are riding in Free Mode.
  • Addition of dynamic props can be made to give a tactical advantage.
  • Place Spawn Points to where the action is very likely, but do not place them too closely as it might result in instant death. Also see to it that when the player is spawned, he is facing the action and not otherwise (set it using L1/LB and R1/RB buttons).
  • Keep testing your Deathmatch for improvements.
  • Get it noticed by people with clever title, good description and a good photo, so that it shows up on the Social Club website.
  • When editing a Deathmatch, change the camera mode to third person view. This will help you see the workings of props and objects in the game.

Publish the Deathmatch

Once the player is satisfied with thier creation, they must publish the Deathmatch, so that it will be available for everyone in the community, via the Social Club website.