GTA Online
GTA Online was released on 17 September.rockstargames

Though Rockstar is reportedly still working on the new Heists downloadable content (DLC) for its hugely popular and successful game GTA Online, hackers were able to sneak out some details of the DLC.

Hackers have managed to not only access some of the gameplay of the upcoming Heist DLC but have also posted a video of the same.

YouTube user Mark Rosette warned in the video that players might be banned for the hacked beta version. He revealed that players will be given the option of choosing different player roles like - hacker, defender or attacker.

Players who dons the role of attacker will have to eliminate all the guards who are in the bank, and defenders will have to stop all re-enforcements from entering, and hackers will have to break open the locks of vaults and collect the gold. He also says that players will not be able to collect any money. However, it gives them 1500 RPs.

The Heist DLC is reportedly in progress and no dates have been announced yet. It is likely that Rockstar will add more features to the DLC before its release.

Though Rockstar has moved to replace all the exploits by cheats, via RP and money glitches, players have still been able to make money illegally. Rockstar now puts players who cheat into Bad Sport Lobbies.

(YouTube Courtesy: Mark Rosette Ecb)

Hanger 13 DLC Details

For some time now, Hangar 13 as DLC has been making news. Now, Rockstar Games has reportedly moved to file a trademark for Hangar 13.

GTA 5 has hints of aliens and UFOs in the game and even the mysterious Mt. Chiliad could be a part of the game, according to speculations. The Hangar 13 is similar to Hangar 18, a US military site that reportedly houses subjects related to UFO-like wreckages.

Fake GTA PC Download Links

Further, some crooks have made use of the hype and interest of some GTA players who want the PC version of the game, by sending fake invite codes for GTA 5 PC beta multiplayer. They also wanted users to download a malware - BKDR_ANDROM.ATG - which was masked as a code to draw people to connect to and download the malware, Examiner reported.