GTA Online
GTA Online Money-Making Glitch Likely to be Removed.Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, the multiplayer version of Rockstar Games' popular action-adventure video game, GTA 5 has been tipped to get a new patch 1.11, which is likely to remove all the money glitches.

Money glitches in GTA Online have been a vital instrument where players could make easy money by exploiting these glitches in the game. Motoring Crunch reports that there is always a tipster who is ready to reveal the plans of the developer that might affect the player.

Though Rockstar has not issued any statements regarding the update, the tip follows a lot of players in the GTA Online version of the game making use of the glitches, since it is very difficult to earn money in the game and so players indulge in such practises.

Meanwhile, an email that was sent to players warning them that they will be banned from GTA 5 if they use cars that have NOS in them has turned out to be fake.

This email had gone viral and had reportedly scared several players and there was a decline in players who were using NOS cars in GTA Online. Rockstar is strict and many have seen that the company has previously banned several hackers and no one wanted to be out of action in GTA 5. Hence, players stopped using the NOS cars.

But a Reddit user, JTC66 and Rockstar Support pages made it clear that this email was a hoax and further, the person who mailed everyone warning them not to use NOS cars, who goes by the name Jimbothy, admitted via his Twitter account that it was nothing more than a troll. 

The event created pandemonium among the GTA community. Some have suggested that players should not jump into buing such emails until it's by Rockstar's Brain B. But he too will not be mailing people for everything but only for things that is very important.

Players have been eagerly waiting for GTA 5 DLC that will bring in more content into the game.

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