GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games has not yet announced its latest action-adventure title, GTA 5 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One yet, but now there are rumors already making way for GTA 6, which is likely to head back to East Coast with Liberty City as the setting.

This was revealed by DJ Whoo Kid of G-Unit who interviewed by Bailer Status. Though Kid spoke on various other issues related to SXSW, overseas tour and his persona, one question he answered that caught the attention of GTA fans was when he was asked what video games he was in - "I was in Call Of Duty and I was in some Grand Theft Auto games. I'm bout to be in the new Grand Theft Auto that takes place in New York again." (See Also: Human Bullet, Stun Gun and Los Santos Invisibility Glitches)

So Rockstar is planning on taking fans back to Liberty City, which was featured in GTA 4. It is not clear if this will be a part of GTA 5 or will be the setting of the next GTA.

GameNGuide suggests that this could be a mission in GTA 5, since previously too Rockstar has allowed players in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, where the protagonists would fly to Liberty City from San Andreas to complete a mission. Also GTA 5 allowed players to go to Yankton and a glitch also helped may players gaining access to midwest boondocks in GTA Online. (See Also: Steps by Step Process on How to Climb Walls with BMX Bike and How to Get Melee Weapons for Free)

Rockstar Games recently revealed that it will be bringing in new content and features intended for Spring release which will include Capture Creator, High Life update and will include the much awaited Heists. (See Also: GTA Online: New Heists Updates for Spring Adds Excitement to the Game)

Players will have to however, wait for a confirmation from Rockstar Games on its return to Liberty City. 

(Edited by Anu James)