Even as players of the current GTA 5 videogame are hoping Rockstar releases a new Halloween DLC sometime this month, a new teaser trailer claiming to be that of GTA 6 is doing the rounds online.

The trailer makes some big claims, like GTA 6 will be brought back on a "grand scale" and the trailer is about the "interesting elements" of the game's engine. Even slipping a "see for yourself" on the changes that have been made, in the Show More page.

It even goes on to claim that Rockstar's next game, GTA 6, will set in Vice City, bringing back memories of 2002's hit GTA: Vice City.

Gaming websites like VG247 has called this new trailer as "fake" and called the video uninspiring. The report goes on to say that the video does not "really hold up", though it is only in the last two shots that the video proclaims it will be bringing back Vice City. The report says the logo showed in the end as a "weak" one.

Further, the report rightly points that the supposed teaser trailer is a mash up between New York and a European city. But the video also shows a muscle car drifting through the desert, which the report says is not "consistent" with the original GTA Vice City.

It also points out how its makers edited "Rockstar Games" from its video after spelling it wrongly as "Rocstar Games".

The video was published by YouTube user RockstarGamesBETA, who claimed it will come in 2017. This is not likely to happen as Rockstar is known to release a game after having long development cycles.