GTA 5 was released on 17

Rockstar Games' open world title, Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 has gottem a new mod that transforms the game into a first person. This is available on GTA 5's Xbox 360 version to players who are ready to mod.

The mode was used after some heavy modification to Xbox 360 console reported Attackofthefanboy. This mod will provide players with a first person play similar to any of other games like Call of Duty or Battlefield 4.

Mods differ from the original game and they are modifications made to the program code of the game, thus resulting in a different outcome.

YouTube user, XBLToothPik has posted a couple of videos that show what the game looks like when played with the new mod. The mod will provide players with an immersive experience.

(YouTube Courtesy: XBLToothPik)

(YouTube Courtesy: XBLToothPik)

Below are some of the other popular mods that have made it big:

(YouTube Courtesy: GTA5Videos)

(YouTube Courtesy: taltigolt)

(YouTube Courtesy: iCrazyTeddy)

(YouTube Courtesy: iCrazyTeddy)

Heists DLC Images Leaks Suggest New Escort Mode

Heists DLC has been in news since the release of the game but there have been very less details on this from the official source.

However, there has now been a new leak via image code that was posted on Reddit. From the descriptions, it can be said that the DLC will get missions like Funeral, Territory Takeover and Drop Off Hooker.

Drop Off Hooker: In the mission, players  have to head to the blips they see in the map and pick up a hooker and drop her within a time limit, according to the leaked image. 

Funeral mission is a mission where the gang members have to escort a Lieutenant's hearse through a town. Rival gangs will have to get in and destroy the hearse.

Territory Takeover is a mission where players will be fighting to takeover rival's territory as it gives them revenue.

Flight Gangmate is probably another mission where the player will have a fist fight with one of his gang mates. This is part of the initiation ceremony by the game lieutenant.

Cop Territory is where cops are tasked to take over territories of the criminals and there will be not many choices for them.

Ornate Bank Heist is a criminal heist mission where players will have to get into bank, hack the vault and steal the money and later they are expected to drop it off in a location.

FIB Grab is probably another mission that allows players to enter the FIB tower, where they are expected to break in, download the data and make their escape. This will need 4 crew, 3 abseilers, 1 driver, 16 cops and 4 criminals to join the mission. Players will have to jump to the building using helicopters. Windows need to be smashed to enter the office where they are tasked to collect the data (hack).

In the mean time, the driver arranges for a getaway car and players will have to skydive from the office to the getaway car parked downstairs and make the run. The FIB agents will straightway kill the players as soon as they make contact. There will be two waves of AI agents who will enter the office based during the hack. 

Incidentally, as one Reddit user points out, GTA 3 had a mission where players had to take hookers to a police party.

Also it was suggested by others that this could be regular mission code since the code heist was used only once. Others think that this must be a Cops n Crook mission with the option to either be a cop or a criminal - "16 cops and 4 criminals can join the mission"