GTA 5 PC will release on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

Another rumour surrounding GTA 5, the popular action-adventure video game from developer Rockstar Games, has emerged, suggesting a possible single-player DLC. But, this time, the news reportedly comes from none other than Franklin's voice actor MayLay a.k.a. Mayleeno.

MayLay shared a photo on Instagram that featured a collage of CJ and Franklin in the top part and that of himself and CJ's voice actor at the bottom and the picture carried the caption "#CJ #Frankilin #GTA DLC? Shh!"

But, following the rumours about the possible DLC, MayLay removed the word "DLC" from the caption, realising his mistake. Many fans also noticed the omission of the word "DLC."

The fans have been theorising this folly by Franklin's voice actor. Some believe this could mean something is being planned by Rockstar, though the company has not commented on the issue.

Here is the changed Instagram post from MayLay:

Fraghero pulled out the original image, and reported a theory that suggested Franklin's father was CJ and that his aunt (Denise from "GTA San Andreas," who was CJ's girlfriend) could actually be his mother.

The theory further adds that Franklin's aunt has kept the secret from CJ and this could act as the back story for a possible single-player DLC. The DLC could link "GTA San Andreas" and "GTA 5."

Rockstar has released several DLCs on GTA 5 Online, with the last DLC being released on Valentine's Day.