GTA 5 In-Game Secrets and Mysteries Revealed
GTA 5 In-Game Secrets and Mysteries Revealed.

Some of the secrets and mysteries, which might have gone unnoticed, in Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) have been now revealed online.

The mysteries of Bigfoot, Mount Gordo ghost and UFOs can be explored by players, who are looking to take a break from regular missions or after finishing the single player mode and just want to stroll around Los Santos.

Apart from Franklin's encounter with an imaginary talking dog and other similar instances, five in-game secrets and mysteries are mentioned below:

The Mount Gordo Ghost

On visiting the in-game website,, a page titled "Blood on the Rocks" relates to a San Andrean murder mystery involving Jolene Cranley-Evans. It has been also stated that in 1978, Evans and her husband - who is a politician now - went for a walk along the cliffs of Mount Gordo, where Jolene fell to her death.

Visiting the same spot between 23:00 and 00:00 in the game, one can witness Jolene's ghost. The ghost would not react but will disappear if the player gets close. The player can use sniper scope to see her in more detail from a distance. It has been also noted that her husband's name "Jock" is written in blood on the rocks, raising the question whether her death was an accident.

The "Infinite Eight" Serial Killer

A few hints regarding a serial killer can be found in the game, if the player decides to take a walk around Sandy Shores Senora National Park. The killer seems obsessed with the number Eight. "8" symbols  can be seen engraved on a rock in the park along with the lines:

One is done,

Two was fun,

Three tried to run,

Four called mom,

Fives not alive,

Six is nix,

Seven's in heaven,

8 won't wait.

The video can be seen below for more details:

[Video Courtesy: DYNASTY1031/Youtube]

Mount Chiliad Mystery

One can witness a UFO on top of the famous Mount Chiliad in the game during a thunderstorm at night. However, the player would not be able to interact with the UFO. One of the drawings, according to OXM, indicates that a total of four UFOs can be spotted.

The first UFO appears over Mount Chiliad.

Second will be seen above Fort Zancudo (only after completing the single player campaign)

Third can be spotted over Sandy Shores hippy UFO shrine.

Fourth is submerged somewhere at the bottom of the ocean.

The Bigfoot Unmasked

Some of the players must have got a glimpse of the Bigfoot in the game during one of the missions. A closer look at the Bigfoot has revealed that the creature is nothing but a strange man in disguise and refers himself as "the last of his kind", until Franklin walks away in disgust.

The mission is said to be available after completing the single player campaign and while playing with Franklin near mount Chiliad. One can chase and shoot the Bigfoot while working with the hunter.

The video can be seen below for more details:

[Video Courtesy: AUKronos/Youtube]

The Hatch from LOST

The hatch is said to be located on the east side of the game map in the sea off the San Chianski mountain range on the off-road ATV race. The secret has been speculated to have some connection with the TV series LOST.

It has been noted that upon nearing the hatch, the player's health will be depleted. It has been also speculated that the hatch could reveal a bigger Mount Chiliad mystery. A detailed video can be seen here.