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A major rumour that recently emerged from the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) forums is the existence of hidden underground locations with a majority of these speculations indicating the presence of a tunnel in the sewers that is said to be inhabited by a sewer monster. Now, renowned YouTube game tipster MrBossFTW has thrown light on the truth behind these speculations.

MrBossFTW, via his new video, attempts to decode the truth behind the sewer monster in GTA 5. Nonetheless, an exploration of the sewers in GTA 5 has indeed been found to yield mysterious things not encountered at regular gameplay locations.

If you are an anxious gamer, desirous of exploring sewers in GTA 5, it is recommended that you use active noise cancellation stereo headphones/headsets. MrBossFTW states that exploration of the sewers resulted in the discovery of strange sounds and noises that indicate the presence of something hidden.

A prominent sound that comes to the fore, when you explore the sewers, is a beating sound listening to which gives an impression of heartbeats. At this point in time, your headphones/earphones will come in handy. However, if you listen hard, these beats would not be in the same pattern, which means that these sounds are not of a living creature. The tipster believes these sounds to be of the rails somewhere above the tunnel, whenever a train passes through. These aspects only add to the fact about the existence of a sewer monster being only a myth in GTA 5.

However, inside the sewers, an unusual aspect is the side parcels, which look like enclosures and are guarded by bars that seemingly do not open even when mods are applied. When you are close to these enclosures, sounds of somebody walking on water can be heard distinctly. The sounds of footsteps can clearly be heard here.

Other sounds that can be heard here are growling noises sounding like an animal growling. MrBossFTW states that these sounds could be from something hidden; but at the same time, the tipster also throws light on the fact that Rockstar could have incorporated these elements into GTA 5 in order to make the in-game sewers feel realistic and creepy without actually a beast or monster hidden within.

Finally, there are rumours about gamers having heard unmistakable sounds of creepy laughter at the fag-end of the tunnel. However, MrBossFTW dismisses these claims and believes that these could be echoes of some sort.