For all GTA 5 players out there, after having played and continuing to play the game from long, there is still a doubt with regard to the exact nature of all your favourite playable characters in the game and how these characters have become what they are now.

These questions, along with some of the darkest secrets of multiple GTA 5 characters have now been revealed by renowned tipster MrBossFTW (via a new video at the bottom). Check out the details below to get to know some of the most dark and creepy secrets about the various characters in GTA 5.

To begin with, MrBossFTW has considered multiple members of the Government Agency. These members are Dave Norton, Steve Haines, Karen Daniels and Andreas Sanchez.

Karen Daniels - Currently serves as one among the leads of the heist missions. In GTA 4, Karen was an undercover agent working for a company called United Liberty Paper. In 2013, she is the lead interrogators for the IAA. However, did you know that Karen Daniels is Niko Bellic's girlfriend? In GTA 4, she took the name of Michelle and blatantly lied to Niko Bellic. She is also doubted having a criminal background concealing multiple secrets.

In GTA 5, Karen comes across wearing a white bikini. This, however, is seemingly hidden, and can be unlocked via customized mods.

Agent Steve Haines – Steven Haines is currently one of the main antagonists in GTA 5. Haines started with the FIB in 1993 and grew on to become a high-ranking special agent and headed multiple teams of agents and even commanded agents Dave Norton and Sanchez.

Steve Haines is also renowned as a celebrity. However, in 2013, Haines was corrupted by Andreas Sanchez. Haines is also said to be on the payroll of billionaire Devin Weston, who himself is corrupt to the core.

After his death, a news article would reveal that he was unmarried and lived with his mother. Haines has also survived a canon gun shot.

Agent Dave Norton - Norton was said to be married to an unknown woman, and he is divorced by the time players come to know this fact. In 2004, Dave discovered the whereabouts of Micheal Townley, while with the FIB and made an unholy deal with him. Nonetheless, Dave is still credited with finishing-off Townley.

Also, it is said that plans were hatched to assassinate Agent Dave Norton in GTA 5.

Andreas Sanchez – Sanchez is believed to be a key contact person for the protagonists in GTA 5, as per unused game data that has been unearthed.