GTA 5 was released on 17 September. (Rockstar Gasmes)

Gamers of popular open-world action-adventure title Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5), from developers Rockstar Games, have recreated the train scene from the 2012 James Bond movie "Skyfall".

The group created a scene, where Bond tries to get to his target on the top of a moving train, as another agent from MI6 follows him on an SUV. The agent makes it to a hilltop, where she gets the sniper ready to take a shot at the enemy that Bond is fighting.

However, the video does not cover all the details involved in the movie, and as spotted by various Reddit users, there are a few slips in the GTA 5 "Skyfall" scene. Like the cameraman who pilots the helicopter is visisble, and the MI6 agent who uses the sniper rifle is a man instead of a woman as in the original movie. (See Also: GTA 5 DLC Rumors)

"I tried to make a 'her' for it, but when I switched to the other character Lamar wouldn't let me because I had the tutorial to do," said one of its creators on Cinema Blend. "This was just for a fun contest but for future ones I will be trying to cut better. I left him falling because the music matched well for the whole timeline, and it kind of explains why Bond catches up to him." (See Also: How to Use Solo Duplication Glitch in GTA Online)

Nevertheless, the "Skyfall" tribute needs to be appreciated. There was also a recreation of the scene in GTA 4 but the setting was Liberty City.

(YouTube Courtesy: Brass Ballas)

Flappy Bird Mod in GTA 4

Flappy Bird Mod in GTA 4
Flappy Bird mod was created for GTA 4 and GTA 5. (

The short-lived yet phenomenal Flappy Bird has come back but in true GTA style, for GTA 4. Modders julionib and quechus13 created this mod that allows the protagonist of the game - Niko Bellic - to wear a funny Flappy Bird mask. He can fly in the game and hit the pedestrians on the head, to make some quick points. But the player will die, if he hits any telephone pole.

The mode was created with the idea that players would be able to 'flap' around the city by avoiding collisions. Later, it was used to obtain points by hitting the pedestrians but hitting anything else will bring them down.

The Flappy Bird mode has also reportedly marked its entry into GTA 5 and can be downloaded here.

The mod offers gamer three modes:

  •  One chance - Hit anything that is not a pedestrian and you lose
  •  Time limit - Hit pedestrians to increase your time left; if you fall you can try again without reset score
  •  Free mode - Only death stops you

Other details that were given by the modders in their blog are:

  •  If players hit a cop you earn one more point
  •  If players hit pedestrians in sequence without press "flap" button they earn one more point
  •  Hitting pedestrians close to cops will increase your wanted level
  •  Hitting more than two cops will make them come with RPG after you
  •  In free mode if players reach score 25 pedestrians will try to do evade dives when you get close
  •  In free mode if players reach score 75 pedestrians will use RPG against you and do evasive dives


  •  K - Show menu
  •  Space - Flap

(YouTube Courtesy: taltigolt)