GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online will be getting a new Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 DLC update in June.Rockstar

Rockstar has decided to treat GTA 5 players with a new event in the upcoming weekend that is bound to keep fans busy and involved.

Players deciding to participate in it will be equally rewarded with bonus and exclusive items too. They can select from a range of events.

The announced event is Ill-Gotten Gains Event Weekend: Part One, which will start on 12 June and will run until 14 June, 2015.

Players will be able to double their GTA money by playing Adversary Modes: Hasta La Vista, Siege Mentality and Come Out To Play.

Those interested in Double Cash Adversary Modes need to click on Event icon > GTA 5 boot screen > enter the lobby. More incentive is awaited for those who stay till the end of the Playlist. Rewards include Sticky Bombs, Molotovs, Proximity Mines and Body Armor.

With a choice of the six luxury vehicles, Buckingham Swift Deluxe, Enus Windsor, Albany Virgo, Benefactor Stirling GT, Buckingham Luxor Deluxe and Pegassi Osiris, players can take them for test drive in Races and will Double RP. These races can be on land, sea and air.

Rockstar is offering participants 25 percent off on High-End Apartments and Garages, this will enable players to buy a luxury pad for cheaper price and get buy up more cars.

Players can expect increase in Crate Drops during the weekend at places in Los Santos like racetrack, yacht club and Rockford Hills areas. These crate drop will consist of GTA$10K and exclusive in-game t-shirts.

Get trigger-happy with the iFruit camera in-game GTA 5 by entering Snapmatic Contest and chance upon winning 1 million in GTA Money.

Apart from these, there are Social Club Event Sweepstakes at the Social Club Events Page. Players will have a chance to win GTA 5 Chrome Zippo, Grotti Polo, Epsilon Pendant, a copy of the Welcome To Los Santos album, a GTA 5 t-shirt and stickers.

Rockstar has also said that the Ill-Gotten Gains Weekend Event will be live streamed on 12 June at 5 pm ET.

[Source: Rockstar Newswire]