David Helens called the emergency services after a character in GTA 5 got shot. He told the operator that his friend was shot in the

A 25-year old British gamer has pleaded guilty of being so confused while playing GTA 5 that he dialed the emergency services to call for help after one of the characters 'Max' got shot during the game.

The emergency services operator reportedly told the court that David Helens spent over 12 minutes with her describing to her the events that led to the shooting and claimed that he was also going to get 'killed.'

But all this time, in reality, he was describing the scene unfolding inside the Grand Theft Auto shooting game.

According to the Mirror, Helens told the 999 dispatcher that his friend Max had been shot in the chest and was bleeding badly. Helens reportedly even screamed on the phone, faking as if he too had been shot.

The dispatcher immediately sent two ambulances along with several police units to Helens' house, only to discover that the whole thing was a hoax.

Helens, of South Shields, Tyne and Wear, accepted that he was guilty of making malicious 999 call on 8 November. The court has put him on a 12-month community order that will include 120 hours of unpaid work and after that he will be subject to a supervision requirement for 18 months.

Helens' attorney during the trial claimed that Helens has several health issues. He is deaf in his left ear, partially blind in his left eye and also has speech problems.