The latest rumor on the supposed PC version of Rockstar Games' action-adventure title Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) suggests that a Nordic-based retailer, Elgiganten, said it will be taking pre-orders for the version from 31 January onwards, GameReactor reported.

However, Rockstar Games has given no confirmation about this particular version. GameReactor claimed that the information was provided by a manager of a Swedish store.

There have been numerous instances when many retailers leaked out information on GTA 5's PC version.

A GTA Forum member, 'funmw2', stated, "PC version of GTA Online will support 32 max players." This speculates that GTA 5 PC version is likely to support 32 players, reported IBTimes Australia.

Amazon France and Germany had both listed the GTA 5 PC edition on their websites. But within a short period of time, the post was taken down from the Amazon France website, while Amazon Germany kept its listing intact. The product description does not specify the minimum recommended specifications for Windows Vista and Windows 7 that the GTA 5 PC edition will be compatible with.

The listing cites the price for the PC version as $80 or 60 Euros and rumors have it that it is likely to be launched on 19 March. But other reports have pointed out to a later date. Many believe that the PC edition will roll out even before the release of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions.