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Rockstar's GTA 5 provides various avenues for players not only to start missions with some cash, but will also let them make more in-game money.

However, players who want to make some expensive purchases in the game must need more capital before they indulge in any such endeavours.

Below are some tips that might allow players to make some quick money through some petty crime, a common thing in GTA 5:

ATM Robbery: A player can wait for an NPC to draw the money from ATM and then attack them with a melee or silenced weapons. This will see to it that this crime does not attract the attention of many people. This will certainly guarantee some extra cash.

Shop Robbery: Players can pick out any shops on the map and go in to point a gun at the cashier. They have to wait for the cashier to empty the money and put it in a bag. Players will also be able to get a second bag of cash if they shoot at the second register. But they must be cautious with any shopkeeper pulling out a gun. It is advisable that players have their back on the doors, this will allow them to keep a tab.

Stock Market: The game has LCN for single player and BAWSAQ for multiplayer. Players can invest all their money on a particular stock. Next use the save option in the safe house in order to advance time by using Trevor. Just go to the save screen to advance time. However they have to keep a check on the market – so that they can sell if the value has gone up and if value is down then reload the previous save and try investing in a different stock.

Pick the Best Crew: Picking the best crew for Heists will allow players to make good money. Players must see that they pick a crew having higher ability levels that will allow them to make bigger cuts.

Security Vans: If players see blips on the map then they should probably head there. Using sticky bombs they have to blow the back doors. Next get the cash bags and escape before the wanted level goes up. However players can save blowing up the door if they are able to catch the guards loading the cash. This will fetch you at least $5,000.

Bike Thief: When players see red blip on the Little Bighorn Avenue in the Rancho district of Los Santos, they have to head there to catch the thief. If they return the bike back to its owner, the will be informed via email that the bike owner was also the owner of an in-game pet store chain, Animal Ark, and he has gifted your brave act with his company's shares, which when sold on the stock market will fetch the player $100,000.

Burial: Players will be able to earn $60,000 in a random event in North Paleto Bay. They must go and stop a couple of guys trying to bury a woman alive. If they do this, as she is being taken to the Vinewood Hills waypoint, she will reveal that she is the daughter of a mob boss and when delivered safely you will receive a call confirming about the money for helping her.

Drug Shootout: Players can attack a Weed Farm on the east side of Mount Chiliad (check for the weed leaf symbol) and steal the money from this place. However, players will have to kill the people guarding it. Players will get about $1,00,000.

Help the guy with broken-down Car: Depending on the actions in the single player campaign, there is a random event. Players will find a businessman whose car is broken down on a side road in Chumash. He is late and has to catch a flight. If players are able to drop him to the airport before a time runs out, he will tip you about Tinkle (TNK) stock on the BAWSAQ and next get your crew to invest in the stock to make a good profit.

Legal Trouble: When the game reaches the end of the story, they will finish a Reuniting The Family mission. But before the start the next mission known as Legal Trouble, go to LCN and invest in AirEmu (EMU). Once the mission is completed reinvest the profit in FlyUS (FUS). Now players must finish a couple of more missions and come back to the FlyUS (FUS) stock. They will see that it would have doubled and now they can cash it in.

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Rockstar Assures Windows username Fix on 17 April

Rockstar in its Support page has said it will be fixing the issue in GTA 5 PC where players were facing issues with Windows usernames, will be fixed on 17 April 2015.

GTA 5 PC has High Concurrent Players

GTA 5 PC has high concurrent players on steam that reached 3,01,246. It is the only non-valve game to teach that number. This number went on to beat the record that Skyrim had achieved 2,80,000, GameIndustry reported.