GTA 5 PC was released on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

Rockstar's release of GTA 5 PC has been marred by issues from the strange characters in Windows username to slow download times. Though players have been excited with its release, the issues have troubled them.

Rockstar has however provided a workaround or a fix to majority of the issues that have been cropping up in GTA 5 PC.

On the issue of players experiencing slow download times and error messeges like "Connection to download server lost. Reconnecting..." Rockstar has said that it was "aware of issues with slow download times for the day 1 patch on GTAV for PC and we are looking into a fix now."

Guide To Max Out the Framerate

Redditor RUFiO006 has given us a guide on how to maximise the framerate in GTA 5 PC. The Redditor said that his rig was at 3570k with GTX 970 4GB, the settings have to be tweaked depending on the rig being used.

  • Grass Quality is a killer. On Ultra it halves my frame rate in rural areas. Set this to Very High.
  • Extended Distance Scaling and Extended Shadows Distance (in Advanced Graphics) both give my GPU a beating. I just set these to minimum.
  • High Resolution Shadows (also in Advanced Graphics) has a high performance cost with little visual payout, in my opinion.
  • MSAA is costly even at 2X. You will get frame drops. I'm sure you could dial down some of the other settings to minimise the impact. FXAA works okay on its own as an alternative.
  • If you drop Shadow Quality down to High, you should then have enough overhead to enable 2x MSAA (with TXAA if you have Nvidia). This is great if you prefer fewer jagged edges over sharper shadows.

He said that all other settings are maxed out and he was enjoying "a smooth 60fps at 1080p with no drops."

Guide to Fix Issues for GTA 5 PC Unable to Launch with Steam

Redditor Alps709 via MustacheEmperor shared a fix for mobile Nvidia GPU's. Below is the fix for players on laptops:

  • Open device manager
  • Go to display adapters and disable your Nvidia device so only the Intel card is enabled.
  • After launching the game re-enable the Nvidia card quickly.
  • The game will then work.

The Redditor said that there could be compatibility problem with mobile Nvidia cards.

Guide to Pop-in Fix

Redditor Mickusey has shared a major pop-in fix for GTA 5 PC that was result in buildings and streets disappearing.

Here is the fix:

Set the CPU priority of GTA 5 to realtime in task manager. This will eliminate all the extreme pop-in/streaming issues.

Troubleshooting Issues in GTA 5 PC

Apart from Rockstar Support Page, Reddit's GTA 5 page has been of immense help to players who vocalise their issues in the game with many players suggesting fixes.

Fix for Players Stuck at 30 FPS

Redditor Jackrabbit710 has shared a fix that will help players who are stuck at 30FPS.

Download an application called Debugview. Made by microsoft, so it is safe to use.

  • Open up the application and then run GTA 5.
  • ALT + TAB to Debugview
  • Check the live feed for any repeating codes that seem to be looping. It could be a service trying to do something that it's not allowed to.
  • Kill it with fire.