GTA 5 PC will release on 14 April, 2015.Facebook

As PC gamers wait unabatedly for Rockstar's slated release of PC version of GTA 5, new leaks have suggested that players will have to install compulsory day one update that cannot be circumvented.

The GTA 5 PC will be released on 14 April 2015. Rockstar had announced that players who have purchased the game can pre-load it through Rockstar Warehouse and Steam.

Twitter user Funmw4 revealed to have received more than the pre-load and showed us via tweets that GTA 5 PC will have compulsory day one update. He also adds that the patch will be weighing 58MB and that the game is even bigger around 60GB, depending on the retail version. This patch "delivers final fixes and wraps up any missed additions to the game."

Funmw4 also showed how the welcome screens in the GTA 5PC looks like.

It also comes to the notice that it is compulsory to have Rockstar Social Club account if players want to play the PC version. So players who do not have any account will have to get one after installation.

Pre-loading the game now will allow players to directly play the game once it is released.

The GTA 5 PC has was announced by Rockstar at a very later stage after PC gamers petitioned Rockstar. Its release date had to be pushed back by the company again and again, only to settle down for 14 April.