GTA 5 was released on 17 September 2013. (Rockstar Games)Rockstar Games

UPDATE: Rockstar has responded to the rumors surronding delay in PC port for GTA 5 Online. Allaying fears, Rockstar said  the "GTAV for PS4/Xbox One/PC is coming this Fall," in a post on Rockstar Support.

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Fans eagerly waiting for the GTA 5 Online on PC might have to brace themselves for a disastrous rumour that has surfaced on gaming websites claiming that the GTA 5 Online for PC might have been cancelled for good.

The PC port for GTA 5 Online was a wish come true for GTA fans who had played the game mainly on PC. They even brought it to the notice of Rockstar by deploying online campaign petitioning the developer for a PC port, it gained nearly 7,28,190.

It was only at the E3 2014 in June that Rockstar confirmed that they will be releasing a PC port to GTA 5 along with ports for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Though officially there have been no release dates that were ousted, speculation was that these ports were to be released in 2014 perhaps during the holiday season.

However, the hopes of fans might be dashed if the rumour suggesting the cancellation of GTA 5 due to "corporate problems" for PC turns out to be true. Fans will not only be angry but they will also be heartbroken from such a news, if it comes out as true.

Fox Weekly reported that the information came from a Rockstar employee, Brad who reportedly works as marketing director for Rockstar North and co-founder of Rantic, a marketing company. Brad had expressed his doubts on the release of GTA 5 for PC on the Rantic official website (the website is currently taken down, it was hacked by a GTA fan demanding GTA 5 on PC).

Following this, the website interviewed John Hoffberger, Rantic Chairman. According to him GTA 5 for PC is likely to get cancelled due to "corporate problems."

"The next-gen console launch dates are still intact, but the PC game launch has been agitating for Rockstar staff," he added.

Rockstar has not officially commented on the rumour and until something comes out of official sources, it is just a rumour.

Rumoured Leak of Thermite Bomb

As clamour for Heists DLC grows among GTA 5 Online players, DomisLive has posted a video showcasing the leaked Thermite Bomb in the in-game coding forms. Later Rockstar put the image of the Thermite bomb next to Fireworks Launcher by mistake in the game's states menu.

Thermite Bomb has been rumoured weapon for Heists DLC in GTA 5 Online.

In another indication of something big coming for GTA 5, Rockstar had asked PlayStation 3 users to make space in their hard drives, exceeding 12GB.

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)