GTA 5 is rumored to get story DLC.Facebook

GTA 5 Online has been one of the most popular and successful video games from developer Rockstar, which has received several DLC contents for the game's online version. But, it did not have story DLCs coming its way.

GTA 5 voice actor Shawn Fonteno, who plays Franklin, has cryptically hinted at a possible story DLC in an Instagram post, where he is seen seated in a chair wearing the motion capture suit.

The teased image set fans into a frenzy with many claiming it could be an indication that Rockstar is working on a possible story DLC.

But, we can only take it with a pinch of salt since there has been no official confirmation from either the voice actor or Rockstar. It is clear Rockstar is using Fonteno's services for something in GTA 5.

There is also the possibility that this could be some old picture that he casually posted, but it ended up taking the Internet by storm.

Now, we can only wait until Rockstar comes out with official information on whether it is really conceiving a new story DLC for GTA 5 or not.

Lowriders Part 2 rumours

GTA 5 tipster Funmw2 has revealed, yet again, about a possible Lowriders 2 and Valentine's Day content.

According to him, Lowriders 2 might be dropped to GTA 5 Online in February, as the Time Trials are all set to end on 8 February.

Rockstar has been clubbing a new DLC with a holiday as it had done during Halloween and the Holiday season. This trend might continue with Valentine's Day too.

It has been predicted that some of the probable cars in Lowriders Part 2 might be Faction 3, Minivan 2, Sabre GT 2, Slam Van 3, Tornado 5, Virgo 2 and Virgo 3, reported iDigitalTimes.

New cell phone cheat found

Although GTA 5 Online came in 2013, it does not fail to impress, as the players are still digging out hidden secrets in the game.

IGN has shared a video that gives player access to a new cheat.

In order to find the cheat, the players will have to play in single player mode. Then, they have to  type "1-999-367-3767" on their cell phones. The players must be warned that calling the number will trigger a 5-star police assault due to an explosion far away.

So now, when players pull up their cell phones, they will see changed model of the phone. If the players try to type the above number again, the cheat will not activate.

The players can use this cheat to create a distraction in the game.

Meanwhile, Leslie Benzies -- president of Rockstar North -- has left the company after serving it for 17 years. He was the lead developer of most of the GTA games. He also produced Red Dead Redemption, Manhunt 2, LA Noire and Max Payne 3 games.