GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online is rumoured to have a new DLC in September.Facebook

Fans of Rockstar's GTA 5 Online are awaiting some constructive hints from the developer even as they are bombarded by various rumours and speculations on a possible Low Rider or Low Life DLC that will be dropping down as part of September update. Many others have also spoken about a possible Gangster DLC coming to this popular game.

With such varied speculations doing the rounds, we can only hope some of these might just turn out to be true. Also awaited is a single player DLC for GTA 5.

YouTuber and tipster MrBossFTW goes on to share top features that players can expect in possible GTA 5 Online's September update with Rockstar promising Rockstar Editor for gamers.

  • Fourth Garage: GTA 5 Online needs a fourth garage with a new style and shape, making it unique.
  • Addition of More Free Mode Events: That will help players to build their player character with some personality – good and bad like being a vigilante.
  • Better Notification System: Rockstar needs to have a notification system that is better and which will not take up much of the screen space.
  • Snapmatic or Apartment Upgrades: Putting snapmatic photos inside the apartment like hanging them as a painting.
  • Freedom in clothing: There should be more freedom to choose clothing and its accessories, there have been some restrictions regarding combinations and so on and they should not be there.

In a regular feature of QnA, MrBossFTW has shared some of the questions from fans.

He considers some DLCs as his favourite, namely Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1 and Part 2 since it had good content and cars. Another of his favourite ones was I'm not a Hipster DLC.

To a question on which type of vehicle he would like to see, MrBossFTW said since super cars, sports classics and motorcycles have been covered in Ill-Gotten Gains, what we need is vehicles in the muscle car segment and sports car segment. The last sports car in GTA 5 was the Dinka Jester and the Massacro.

He goes on to say that if Rockstar is thinking of bringing a Low Rider or Low Life DLC then a muscle car would certainly fit wonderfully.

He also believes the DLC development of the game is not held back by the older generation of consoles since we have seen how next generation is getting more GTA 5 DLC content than the older generation consoles.

MrBossFTW was cautious to say that Rockstar might not completely disregard single players by denying them a DLC. He said they have been more focused on the online aspect of the game. He speculates a single player DLC for 2016.

In what could possibly be a suggestion for the long rumoured Casino DLC with Poker games, he said Rockstar had "cool aspects" from the Red Dead Redemption like Gambling, Poker, and Blackjack. There were horses too in Red Dead Redemption that could be used by players ride the horses along the shores of Vespucci Beach in GTA 5.

The next update from Rockstar should include a garage, or new apartment and more outfits that will give players more options.