Rockstar recently released Freemode Events DLC for GTA 5 Online. Fans are excited as they have got new content after a long time.

The new Freemode Events DLC contains various types of events, Rockstar Editor and more. Some players have found that the game has some secrets and hidden features. Rockstar is known to include many Easter eggs in the game, adding excitement to the gameplay.

YouTuber MrBossFTW discusses some of the secret and hidden features in the Freemode Events DLC. He noted that Rockstar had fixed some of the secret customisation glitches affecting the vehicles. Some of the vehicles namely, Hotknife, Stallion and Dinka Akuma were seen without having a body. Such glitches have been fixed.

Principe Lectro is reportedly no longer available on the PC version but it has not affected PS4 players.

There have been an increased amount of Pegasus vehicles being spawned at the airport. It was also noted that earlier players would have one or two planes or helicopters at the airports in GTA 5 Online, but now after the new update, their numbers have increased.

The update adds a fix to the Stallion. Previously, players were unable to add a custom roof to it. They will now be able to add a convertible roof, stock roof or a painted one.

Players will be able to call Marryweather even in Freemode Events to help them out in times of distress. But a couple of options of Lester have been blocked in this mode.

One of the most interesting features that Rockstar added with the new DLC was the addition of Hide options in interactions menu. This will allow players to hide jobs, events and more from either appearing on the minimap, in the game or on the left side of the side. This will clear up some of the jobs and messages on the left side of the screen that players may not be interested in.

Players found out a glitch, which allowed them to know who the Beast is in the new Freemode Event, Hunt the Beast. In this event, Beast is unknown to the rest of the players known as hunters.

Beast can be apparently unmasked if players head to the start menu and scroll over the names of the people participating in the event. As players scroll over, they will see the change in character appearance if it's a Beast.

Though the Beast is still hidden in the minimap, it is much easier to find him if we know him beforehand. It comes in handy when he has reached one of his milestones.

As for players who want to be given the role of the Beast, Funmw2, a GTA 5 tipster suggested they come out of the strip club, planes, helicopters, activities, before the beginning of Hunt the Beast event starts. This means that players will have to be on the ground and not in any building or vehicle.

Players are also advised not to leave a Freemode Event as they will be, "given a Bad Sport increase for leaving."

One player said that he had seen Barracks patrolling inside the city. Normally, the military truck is seen only near the military base in GTA 5 Online.

Casino and Mansions Rumours Exposed

Though for a long time there have been rumours and speculations on the possibility of GTA 5 Online getting Casino and Mansions, there has been an increased excitement among fans that after the Freemode Events DLC, the possibility of Casino and Mansions content too could come true.

Funmw2 mentioned this in the in-game text for time trail that hinted on the possibility of Casino and Mansions.

GTA 5 tipster and YouTuber MrBossFTW shared a video that tries to expose the rumours. The rumours have been running for a long time but Rockstar has never talked about them. The above in-game text could be Rockstar "trolling" on fans. He said that it might not even be in their plans.