Regardless of the fact that "GTA 5 Online," the popular video game from Rockstar recently received a new Cunning Stunts update, GTA tipster TezFunz2 has unearthed some new data from the game code that suggests a possible Biker DLC as its next update.

The scripts in the code are as follows:

The tipster noted that the "gb" in the script could mean CEO or VIP Mission or even a new status to SecuroServ system. The fist script is interesting as it possibly allows players to modifiy their garage.

It also suggests that players might be able to run a biker gang. There might be an initiating procedure ("biker_initiation") and that the gangs could get dangerous too ("biker_joust").

He further revealed that the "am_mp" in "am_mp_personal" is related to property and it could mean something that players can own. This might mean the ability of the players to buy a new garage or even customise it.

Players who become CEO in the current "GTA 5 Online" are able to own businesses and change their office interiors. So, the Biker DLC is likely to feature something similar.

TezFunz2's earlier leaks regarding new modes in Lowrider update, Halloween and festive updates have turned out to be true.

Meanwhile, there is an online petition from 70 biker crews, who have requested Rockstar to release a Biker DLC in "GTA 5 Online." The petition features a total of 16,209 signatures.