GTA 5 Online, the popular open world video game from Rockstar, seems to have taken a backseat after the release of Fallout 4.

However, there is no dearth of information leaked online. It was previously rumoured that following the release of Lowriders DLC, there would be a Lowriders DLC Part 2, but Rockstar threw in a surprise by dropping Halloween DLC that brought a new Slasher adversary mode.

Funmw2, a trusted tipster on GTA games has revealed via his Twitter account about the possible "next wave of Lowriders."

He mentions the possibility of Lowriders Part 2 getting six new vehicles: 

  • Faction3
  • Minivan2
  • Sabre GT2
  • Slamvan3
  • Tornado5
  • Virgo2
  • Virgo3

The numbers on the cars point to the variants, so Lowriders Part 2 will be getting two variants of Virgo.

He also mentioned the possibility of GTA 5 Online getting a new "Apartment Goon Boss/Boss Agency." It is not known if it will be a new character or only a person players can call using in-game cell phone.

He also revealed that the game could get some new anti-cheat or bugfixes.

It also notes that the next update could include new contacts - "CELL_AGBOSS," new animations - "Finger Kiss," "Peace" and "You Loco."

We will have to wait and see if these will turn out to be true, as was the case on previous occasions.