Rockstar recently released a new update to its popular open world game, GTA 5 Online. The new update titled Freemode Events DLC defeated the rumours surrounding the game getting a Casino or Mansion DLCs. But fans were not let down with the new update.

Two weeks have passed since the update was released, offering various events that allow them to "drive, hunt, chase and shoot their way to victory... an unprecedented level of structured chaos."

Rockstar has perhaps thought it would give players some tips and tricks to play the events better.

Below are some of the general tips for the Freemode Event (Newswire):

  • Stock up. You'll need lots of firepower and a variety of vehicles so be sure to load up on ammo, armor and snacks and have a diverse mix of rides in your garage, from motorcycles to fast cars to off-road vehicles - be prepared to dial up your Mechanic at the drop of a dime. Similarly, you should also have a chopper or plane at the ready from Pegasus.
  • Be generous. Team up and share your cash by going to the Inventory section in your Interaction menu, and select Cash. From there, choose which player you'd like to share with as well as a percentage cut.
  • Periodically, purple help text and UI will pop onto your screen. Be on the lookout for these messages as they will provide helpful information specific to the Freemode Events.
  • Keep your eyes on the prize. Stay focused on the main objective in all Events rather than getting bogged down in fighting other challengers, risking defeat by another player.
  • If you want to avoid auto-targeting your friends during Events, be sure to set your Player Targeting Priority to Strangers.

Hunt the Beast

This event lets players to either to hunt or get hunted. They can play as the Beast or they can be the Beast hunters.

Tips and Tricks in Hunt the Beast

  • Though it's challenging to find the Beast, keep him within your sights.
  • Go to Start > Settings > Display to use expanded Radar, helps keeps the Beast in tracking mode for longer duration.
  • Growling sounds are an indication that the Beast is around.
  • Hunters must work as a team, that's the best way to nab the Beast.
  • Make arrangements for chopper to keep keep the hunters informed on Beast's location.
  • Beasts are deceptive and may provide misinformed voice chats to Hunters.
  • Pedestrians tend to flee from the Beast.
  • If the Hunters are making use of choppers for surveillance, they must be checking for irregular driving patterns like cars accelerating, U-turns and changing lanes in an abrupt manner.
  • Working in small teams helps. One can take the wheel and the others can keep scanning for the beast.

Tips for Beast 

  • The Beast must plan the collection route is such a way that they efficiently hit the checkpoints.
  • The Beast must make use of the heightened speed and strength abilities.
  • The Beast must maintain his calm when the Hunters sight him, since you can withstand that for a short time.
  • Keep a look out for those Hunters who are the most troublesome.
  • And do not get cornered when Hunters are dispatched. The quicker you speed away from the scene the better.
  • The Beast must not be hesitant to get out of his vehicle and shoot down the scouting helicopter. It buys you time before the Hunters call for more air support.

King of the Castle

Players in this event have to secure the Caster area after they find it. Staying there as the King for as long as they can will provide them with RP and GTA money.

Tips and Tricks for King of the Castle

  • Since there is a lot of gunfire and explosions while claiming the Castle, players must make use of the cover whenever they can.
  • Players must concentrate on the King, as killing other players will only be useful to the King.
  • One civilian that should be on your crosshairs is the points leader. Take them out, as it prevents them from adding to their score.
  • Once you are the King, place mines in close proximity, these will help defending the Castle.
  • Players can take the help of Merryweather, but have to pay a small fee.
  • In order to remove the current King, they can make use of Mercenaries or a Backup Helicopter.

Moving Target

This event tests the player's driving skills, as they are tasked to deliver a vehicle with others trying to stop the delivery.

Tips and Tricks for Moving Target event

  • Use the help of a friend to fend off attacks from other players; you can share the cash with him.

Hot Property

Players are tasked to cling to the Briefcase as long as they can, they can escape to the hills or go around the city, but the players who held to it the longest will be the winners.

Tips and Tricks for Hot Property

  • Players with the Briefcase appear on the HUD of the rivals, so always be on the move.
  • Using a fast car like Kuruma helps.
  • Players can pick the Briefcase from the car, and thus they do not have to get out of the car. The vulnerability quotient increases if one had to get out of the car.
  • Work with a partner and share the rewards.