GTA 5 Next-Gen
GTA 5 next-gen was released on 18 November,

As players wait for Rockstar to drop the promised Heists DLC for GTA 5 Online, speculations and rumours have gathered storm. The company had previously said it will be releasing Heists before GTA 5 PC addition rolls out, which is due on 24 March.

Rockstar had some time ago released a video trailer for its upcoming Heists DLC, and fans have been frantically digging for information on things related with the company. YouTuber, TwoDynamic has found what he calls the Heists Planning Board that was part of the trailer. In one of the images we see the Heist team plans on the board. The board reveals a new character name that has reportedly been unknown in the game series. The plan on the white board says, "Collect Rashkovsky"

Here is what The Plan says:

1. Gen in the prison bus.

  • Park inside the prison
  • Make your way through the prison to Rashkovsky.

2. Collect Rushkovsky

  • Clear the area of NOOSE (a heavy security organisation within the game)
  • Get into the Velam (escape plane)

3. Regroup at the Beach

4. Return to the sea.

So we now have an idea that Rashkovsky is a target that has to be extracted from the prison for players in Heists to complete their mission. The Prison Break Heist payout will be $550,000. We know that Heist will be a four person co-op mission. There will be a prison officer, demolition man and a pilot.

Valentine-themed DLC Incoming?

Mod Nation has suggested players of GTA 5 Online that they might be getting Valentine-themed DLC before the Valentine's Day on 14 February.

Forum members at Mod Nation have found "a number of references to a Valentine-themed DLC landing in Grand Theft Auto Online, "as they were analysing test files that was uploaded to Rockstar Games Services. The forum also mentions that the chances of its release could be "extreme."

All rumours have to be taken with a grain of salt as they might turn out to be false.