GTA 5 was released on 17 October,

Rockstar's most successful and popular video game, GTA 5 is all set to get a single player downloadable content (DLC) if the rumored leaks are found to be true.

So what does this new leak reveal? The leak came via GTA Forums, posted by forum member funmw2, which revealed that the rumored single player DLC will have casinos, assassination missions and CIA missions. Not only that, another forum post has also revealed that the game will have a Zombie mission, mini games that are likely to be a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

The leak boasts of a selection screen for the DLC, which normally checks the purchased DLC before moving ahead. The options that were in found were GTA, Trevor and Dead. It has been speculated that these three names could be connected to modes in the game.

It has been speculated that players will be controlling Trevor in the leaked single player DLC. They will also get various missions like CIA and assassination, and there is also mention of casinos. It could be possible that Trevor might be given a CIA assignment of assassinating a particular target and the way in is probably by playing in Casinos? More like James Bond.

The key word Dead could refer to a person who goes by the name Norman. It has been reported that this Norman could be the Inspector in the Mafia game series. But this would come in conflict with 2K Games. But why not it be for the zombie? Zombies are known as the undead.

The zombie reveal came from the game's source code that suggests that players will be able to see zombies in GTA 5. The code contains "main_ZBM," which has led to speculations that this means Zombie. There is also the possibility that it could mean something else.

More information has been revealed by forum members suggests that the DLC is likely to have, "3 mini games and new missions for IAA and 12 new assassination missions and new missions for Trevor." They have also found co-ordinates for Assassination missions with script names like assassin_skydive (x=-415.0381 y=6069.731 z=30.5001) and assassin_cablecar (x=-415 y=6069.5 z=30.5).

Below is the post from YouTube user, Chr0m3xMoDz that shows a what we have discussed above:

(YouTube Courtesy: Chr0m3xMoDz)