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Rockstar Games' action adventure title GTA 5 Online has several tricks and tips that will help you in collecting more money or RP points.

GTA Online recently received Title Update 1.12 that added the Lester ability, and players now get double RP and cash from playing and liking or disliking Capture Jobs.

Here, YouTube user ST3VEoGaming has posted a video on a trick to rappel from a helicopter. Here are the steps:

  •  Works when you can call helicopter from Merryweather
  •  Players have to unlock Merryweather as a contact on your phone
  •  Unlock the helicopter pickup
  •  Get into the helicopter
  •  See that you are close to the building top
  •  Make sure the helicopter hovers around the building
  •  Once you have placed it correctly, you will get Rappel Hold X (Xbox 360) and Square (PS3)
  •  Maintain a safe distance and now rapple down

(YouTube Courtesy: ST3VEoGaming)

YouTube user DomisLive has posted a video that shows a possible High Life apartment location downloadable content (DLC). The user posted pictures of various apartments:

  •  The Yacht club shows a high rise building that has palm trees and garden. The user also shows two garages, one on the north and one on the south.
  •  Next one is the Cell Tower
  •  CNT building that is opposite to the casino
  •  The Castello apartment
  •  Augaury insurance building with well lit, a huge industrial building with ATM, escalator and its garage is on the side of the San Angeries Avenue
  •  Slogenberg Apartment
  •  Crastenburg building

(YouTube Courtesy: DomisLive)