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Rockstar, the company behind popular video game "GTA 5 Online," announced the release of a new Tornado week that sees the addition of new Sumo maps, Lowrider discounts on clothing, weapons, double RP and more.

Rockstar will also release the Declasse Tornado Custom vehicle to Benny's Original Motor Works in "GTA 5 Online" April 5. 

Rockstar detailed the new announcements via a Newswire post.

The players will be able to lay their hands on "bona fide classic" Declasse Tornado Custom April 5, which is expected to have a range of options for upgrades at the Benny's, the custom repair shop in the game. The vehicle is expected to have "eclectic" Livery options, roof design options and more.

The game gets two new Sumo mode maps, Sumo V and Sumo VI. Rockstar cautions the players to "watch out" for cracks when "smashing, bashing and barging" on top of SS Bulker at the docks (Sumo V) and on roof of Sightings Bar and Restaurant at the airport (Sumo VI).

These maps will reportedly be available until April 7.

Apart from the above offerings, Rockstar is giving out Lowriders discounts and bonuses. It noted, the players can earn double RP from all Sumo Adversary Modes, Contact Missions from "GTA Online: Lowriders" and select Race Playlists. Here are the details of the Playlist schedule:

  • Friday April 1 - Sunday April 3: Sumo Adversary Modes (including the new maps)
  • Monday April 4 - Tuesday April 5: Street Races
  • Wednesday April 6 - Thursday April 7: Street Races (different set of Jobs)

The "GTA 5 Online" players can also make use of the 25 percent off on select modifications at Benny's Original Motor Works and all Los Santos Customs. The post asked the players to pay a visit to the Dynasty 8 website to avail 15 percent off all 10-car garage properties.

Some of the weapons in the game is also discounted. There is a 30 percent off on purchase of the Machete, the Machine Pistol. The 30 percent off is also applicable to any item of Lowriders clothing.