GTA 5 online, the popular action-adventure video game from developer Rockstar, gets something new ahead of the Thanksgiving weekend.

Rockstar revealed in Newswire that it has released a new Adversary mode in GTA 5 Online, titled, 'Running Back,' in celebration of the upcoming Thanksgiving week.

It said that this mode will need a total of two teams of 4 to 8 players who will face each other. They will be hitting the road in-game.

The Runner, assigned to the attacking team and who will be given Benefactor Panto, will have to reach the end line of the highway and cross the finishing line if he wants to score better. The Defensive teams who are provided Biftas will have to "ruthlessly block, crash and pummel" the Runner and try stop him/her from reaching the end line.

It noted that that this mode will only be available for players in the following locations in GTA 5 Online:

  • Raton Canyon Bridge
  • La Mesa Bridge
  • Zancudo Tunnel

This mode will only be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. PS3 and Xbox 360 players will be missing out on another new content. Rockstar had previously clarified that the reason why a lot of new content cannot be released on the last generation consoles is due to the hardware constraints of those consoles, especially due to the fact that they cannot encapsulate more memory.