Rockstar announced a new weekend event, "Criminal Expansion," to "GTA 5 Online" which adds the regular double RP playlist and is offering discounts on several items like Orion Yacht, vehicles, weapons and clothing.

Rockstar revealed in its post on its official Newswire that this weekend event, Criminal Expansion, began on June 3 and would last until June 6. The event is expected to prepare players for the upcoming "Further Adventures in Finance and Felony" update on June 7.

Here are the discounts being offered as part of the weekend event:

Criminal Expansion weekend event is offering 50 percent discounts on Orion Yacht. Players would also be getting 25 percent off on all the modifications on the Yacht. Rockstar Games also promises "free Yacht transports through end-of-day Monday."

Extravagant vehicles like SuperVolito and SuperVolito Carbon can be bought at a discounted price of 50 percent. It is also offering 50 percent off on the Turreted Limo from Benefactor. This armoured vehicle is available from Warstock Cache and Carry.

The post also adds SecuroServ is offering small business incentive-like program for entrepreneurs. It was also noted that there would be no VIP thresholds for the weekend and that would mean "GTA 5 Online" players getting VIP Services at half cost including Ammo and Armour drops to vehicle ordering.

Select vehicles like Verlierer, four variants of the Benefactor Schafter (including LWB, Armoured LWB, V12 and Armoured V12), four models of the luxurious Cognoscenti (the standard, Armoured, 55 and 55 Armoured) are on a flat 25 percent discount.

Weapons like Heavy Revolver and Switchblade have been discounted for 50 percent.

Select clothing like Smoking Jackets, Robes and Pajamas are having a 25 percent off on them.

Apart from the above discounts, the event is also offering players with double RPs. This is available in an Adversary Modes Playlist. To access this, players can head to special Playlist that features Extraction III, Inch By Inch IV and In and Out II at the launch screen of "GTA 5."