"GTA 5 Online" has received some new player-created Jobs for its popular video game. These Jobs in the game take place around the Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Most of these Jobs have prison as theme.

Here are the prison-themed Jobs for "GTA 5 Online" (Newswire):

Penitentiary Panic by madminer95 (PC) -- "The prisoners are protesting on the roof of Bolingbroke Penitentiary but its quickly turning into a riot. Take this opportunity to compete with the enemy team to steal the prisoners' stashes of drugs in the ensuing chaos."

The Job was created by leader of the Facepalm Community Crew. Players will have to make way using the Assault Shotguns. Rockstar also shared a tip that said players must have some of their teammates outside where the Duffle bag spawns before the other rivals take it.

High Profile Transport by Caetano414 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) -- "A high profile inmate is to be transported to Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Police have increased security to guarantee his arrival."

This Job was created by LS Police Dept Crew. There will be two teams, one that will take the precious cargo in Police Prison Bus and the other that will intercept them. The cargo transport team can use Police Riot armoured vehicle as a vantage point to protect the transport.

Prison Yard LTS by l-BuGs-l (PC) – This Job will has a range of options for cover and ammunition, where players must strategically without putting even one of their teammates in danger. The Job promises several pick-up options like Sawed-off Shotguns and AP Pistols. It will also feature Grenades that will help players to negotiate the rivals.

Prison Break by FIB-Agent_0 (PS3 & PS4) – This Job has a "perfectly chaotic prison break" featuring Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Players will have to use Combat MGs, fight the Prisoners, Prison Guards, and the opposing Team to escape the prison. A teammate has to deliver the stolen Police Prison Bus to Capture Point, while the rest of the team has to arm themselves with RPGs and Miniguns as they fight off aerial and ground threat, providing cover fire for the escaping prisoners.

Central Unit by alex777now (PS3 & PS4) – Rival teams are pitted against each other for domination of the jail yard. Players will have several choices from Advanced Rifles to Molotovs. Players will have an upper hand if they are able to take vantage points best suited to attack enemies.

Prison Trench Run by EvolDave (Xbox 360 & Xbox One) – This is an off-road land race with a warning not to use Sanchez or Blazer. Rockstar also warns players to be "careful jumping across the trench, and duck when you go under the satellite dish."