Rockstar, the creator of the popular action-adventure "GTA 5 Online" that recently issued a new update Power Play, new supercar and Power Play event, has replied to a question from a player who had asked if he can get his Cargo back after the Buy or Sell Mission.

Rockstar explained on its "GTA 5 Online" Support page's post that it might not be possible to get his money back.

The company noted that losing money is part of "doing business" in SecuroServ Special Cargo Network.

"Rival Organizations (including other players) and authorities can interrupt your Buy and Sell Missions by either destroying the crates or the cargo planes transporting them. Remember that the job isn't over until all of your Cargo is safely transported. The profit loss from destroyed Cargo crates is part of the risk/reward of the Buy and Sell Missions," it said in the post.

It further clarified that "players cannot be reimbursed for Cargo that is lost during Buy and Sell Mission gameplay in GTA Online."

Meanwhile, in another post the company explained an issue that a player faced after the last 1.33 update where he/she was unable to place more than 10 props close together in the Creator.

Rockstar noted that this was an issue "where if many props were placed too close together, they could create a map hole. Due to this, the ability to place large numbers of props close together was disabled."

The company had promised that a new update will fix the issue and it has kept its promise with the 1.34 update as noted in the new patch notes, released on Support page:

  • Fixed an issue that meant props could no longer be placed close together in the Creator.

The patch is put under the Rockstar Creator Fixes headline.