A New Lowriders Weekend Event is here, starting 23 October and running through 25 October for GTA 5 Online, Rockstar announced on Newswire.

The developer noted that it is in celebration of the newly released Lowriders DLC.

So, players can expect exclusive new clothing, 25% rebate on new properties, brand new Faction and Moonbeam vehicles, three new Adversary modes Event Playlist offering huge ammo rewards and much more at the Lowriders Weekend Event.

Below are the things on offer at the Lowriders Weekend Event in GTA 5 Online (Newswire):

Unlockable Lowriders Caps: These exclusive in-game caps will only be made available this weekend (23-25 October). The caps will be made available in the player's wardrobe. Below is the breakdown of the caps:

  • Friday: Magnetics
  • Saturday: Low Santos
  • Sunday: Benny's Original Motor Works

25% rebate on property with 10-car garage: GTA 5 Online players with a penchant for car collecting will have a room for more cars, provided they fulfil three conditions – have emails registered and verified with Rockstar Games Social Club, be members of Rockstar Games Mailing List and at least one Social Club Crew.

If a player fulfils these requirements, they qualify to Dynasty 8's one-time 25% rebate offer, allowing them to purchase a new property.

New Adversary modes Event Playlist: Lowriders DLC introduced three new Adversary Modes: Offense Defense, Keep The Pace and Relay. The Lowriders Weekend Event will offer players to play these via Event Playlist (screens will appear on Event option, click it to open the Playlist).

Players completing the Playlist will be rewarded with huge ammo cache, cash and RPs.

Snapmatic Contest with 1 million GTA money reward: Players can participate in this new contest and earn one million GTA money as rewards. They need to take pictures of their newly customised cars making use of the several customisation features that have been added as part of the Lowriders DLC update.

Bonuses for PS3 and Xbox 360 players: PS3 and Xbox 360 players will not be left out, as the two consoles will be getting double GTA money and double RPs on all the races. They will also be getting frequent Event Crate Drops that are packed with weapons, RP and GTA money.

Apart from theses, players will also get a one time 25% rebate on a vehicle of their choice in Warstock Cache & Carry. But for this, players need to have Social Club verified email listed on the Rockstar Mailing List and be a member of any Social Club Crew.

Sweepstakes: Lowriders Event Weekend will also be offering Sweepstakes at Social Club Events page.