GTA 5 Online
Heists was released on 10 March, 2015 for GTA 5 Online.Rockstar Newswire

The whole point of having GTA 5 heists is to get more GTA money and in the game, money plays a very important part.

Players can buy weapons, vehicles and other items. After players have finished playing some parts of the game they would normally want to max out.

Below is a guide that will help players to make some quick money courtesy VG247:

Tips to make some quick money in Heists:

Be the host - Though not everyone can be a host, players can take turn to be one. Hosts can decide on the pay percentage and the Pacific Standard Job with its final $1.25 million pay-out.

Play hard – If players play the game on the hard setting they will get 25% more cash and RP for increasing the difficulty level. The only problem here is players do not get reserve lives, but the rewards are too good to ignore.

Special Bonuses

The GTA 5 Online heists update has five special bonuses for its Jobs. Though all the jobs have good pay, they are one-time payments made only after the goal is achieved.

  • First Time: Players get a $100,000 bonus for completing any heist for the first time. Eventually after completing through the entire heists set-up, player will get $500,000 in bonuses.
  • All In Order Challenge: Though a harder challenge, players need to complete all the heists in their order. Such dedication will earn players $1 million. All you need is a group of dedicated players.
  • Loyalty Challenge: If players stick with the same group of players for every challenge till the finale, they will be gaining $1 million in GTA money.
  • Criminal Mastermind Challenge: The most difficult of the special challenges, players will be scooping out $10 million bonus if they are able to complete every challenge and finale in the order and with the same group of players, plus they should not lose any life.
  • Another Perspective: Though its not completely clear on the payout, it is speculated that if players lock their camera option to first-person view before every job they take up, they will be awarded $100,000.

Elite Challenges

These Elite Challenges can be run as many times as they like and the pay-outs are less, but with a good group of players, they can make an extra $450,000. However, the challenges can be applied only to the heist finale:

The Fleeca Job

  • Complete in under 5.20
  • Nobody gets wasted
  • Vehicle damage under 6%

Pay-out: $50,000

The Prison Break

  • Rashkovsky damaged less than 1%
  • Extraction in under 4:40
  • Nobody gets wasted

Pay-out: $100,000

The Humane Labs Raid

  • Complete in under 11.00
  • Vehicle damage under 2%
  • Nobody gets wasted.

Pay-out: $100,000

Series A Funding

  • Complete in under 6.30
  • Kill 75 enemies
  • Nobody gets wasted

Pay-out: $100,000

The Pacific Standard Job

  • Complete in under 10.15
  • NOOSE not called
  • Nobody gets wasted

Pay-out: $100,000

Location Guide for Melee Weapons and The Baseball Bat

GTA 5 Online has a huge array of weapons for players to use in the game. Rockstar reintroduced the baseball bat in the game, it is now found in the back room of the stores and also in certain sporting ground around San Andreas.

The game also has melee weapons like Crowbar, a newly introduced weapon. This is found near the construction site around San Andreas.

Below is the location guide for melee weapons and baseball bats in GTA 5 Online [Gamepur]:

Baseball Bat Location 1

  • Go to Maze bank Arena in La Puerta, Los Santos. Reach the parking lot and go left by climbing a small flight of stairs to find a baseball bat.

Baseball Bat Location 2

  • Second location is at the bottom left of the Elysian Island in the port of Los Santos. The location has Los Santos Naval Port and Pier 400 and player has to climb a flight of stairs to get to a baseball bat lying on the wooden flooring.

Baseball Bat Location 3

  • In the Elysian Island check for the trash area on the left side of the map, go inside and you will find a baseball bat.

Baseball Bat Location 4

  • East Vinewood

Baseball Bat Location 5

  • Downtown Winevood

Baseball Bat Location 6

  • Rockford Hills

Baseball Bat Location 7

  • Richman

Baseball Bat Location 8

  • Zancudo River/Route 68

Baseball Bat Location 9

  • Grand Senora Desert

Crowbar Location 1

  • Crowbar can be found in La Puerta/Davis Ave inside a booth along the Autopia Parkway. Turn left and get out of your vehicle to go inside the booth to be greeted by the crowbar.

Crowbar Location 2

  • When at the Elysian Island, players will have to look for a crowbar at the entrance of a big triangular building.

Crowbar Location 3

  • Players must head to Winewood for another crowbar, they will find on in the open industrial area on the left.

Crowbar Location 4

  • Players will have to go to El Burro heights. Then they have to make a stop at Fudge Lane, just outside an old house. Here players will find a crowbar.

Crowbar Location 5

  • Head to Tataviam Mountains and after reaching it get out of your vehicle. Now climb up the wooden ramp that is under construction to find a crowbar.

Crowbar Location 6

  • Winewood Hills

Crowbar Location 7

  • Alta

Crowbar Location 8

  • Burton

Crowbar Location 9

  • Banyham Canyon

Crowbar Location 10

  • Great Chaparral

Crowbar Location 11

  • Zancudo River

Agent 14 – The Mystery Character

When Heists update was released, it brought with it loads of features and along came a mysterious on-screen character Agent 14.

Nothing much is known about this Agent 14, and YouTube user MrBossFTW has released a video that asks exactly who this Agent 14 is and the mystery that surrounds him.

The original name for Agent 14 character was Jeff and it did not materialise for reasons unknown. There is no much information on him before the events of the GTA 5 Online and during one of the conversations with the protagonist says he is only a bystander trying to help. He is also seen tasking the players in a project that involved Niko Bellic's ex-girlfriend: Karen. He also has connections with the International Affairs Agency (IAA). The YouTube user speculated that this character could be part of the IAA. He also has a boss.

Lester warns at one place saying that Jeff is a dangerous man. The video also speaks about the Agent looking similar to one of the antagonists in Story mode, Steve Heynes who was a corrupt FIB agent. IAA and FIB are rival organisations.

Players successfully perform heists missions with him and after the set-up missions are over, they do not hear of Agent 14. The video wonders if he will come back in a future DLC, only time can tell.

(YouTube Courtesy: MrBossFTW)

Guide to Get into Secret Building – Tequi-La-La

YouTube user Madgaz Gaming has found a glitch that will allow players in GTA 5 Online to enter into the secret building named Tequi-La-La.

This building is available in both Single players and multiplayer. So players have to head to the roof of the bar by climbing it around the back of the building or they can also use a helicopter to get there. Once a players is near the billboard, accept a mission and as it boots up, exit out of the mission. This will transfer them into the Tequi-La-La.

(YouTube Courtesy: Madgaz Gaming)

RPG Glitch

YouTube user, Noah456 has found a RPG glitch and to activate it players need to have an RPG and go near a water body. Next get into the water while pointing the gun to the water. Get in so much that only a part of the tip of your RPG must be in water. Now once it is in water fire the RPG in the water.

Now players will see that the projectile will be launched sideways. The RPG spins off in a different direction and fires in the air. It is a funny thing to do in the game.