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Heists was released on 10 March, 2015 for GTA 5 Online.Rockstar Newswire

The GTA 5's PlayStation 4 versions seems to have run into problems, following Sony's new update 2.50 for PS4 console that brought in the suspend/resume functionality.

Though this feature works fine in GTA 5 Online mode, it has issues with the GTA 5 story mode when players resume the session; they are automatically put in the free mode.

A PS4 user said: "I entered Rest Mode while in GTA Online. After powering the console back on and resuming GTAV, I was placed in a Freemode by myself. Even when I try to switch to a new Freemode," Gamepur reported.

When Rockstar got back to him with a solution, it asked him to close the GTA 5 and relaunch the game. That is the only fix for players facing this issue. "We are aware of an issue with solo sessions after resuming GTA Online from the PS4's Rest Mode with the game suspended. This can be resolved by closing GTAV in the PS4 XMB, then re-launching the game," Rockstar noted in its Support page.

 Guide to Get Duke O' Death

YouTube user TwoDynamic has shared details on how to get Duke O'Death in GTA 5 Online. Duke O'Death is the muscle car of Trevor.

This car was available only in single-player mode and it is a bonus vehicle for players who have upgraded the game from the current generation to the next-generation version.

The Duke O' Death is a car that comes with bulletproof armour of Kuruma and has the explosive resistance of the Insurgent. It is nearly indestructible and many are not happy at players spawning it. The guide makes uses of the glitch in the GTA 5 game.

  • Ask a friend to go into a single player session, get Duke O' Death to the stripping club parking area and park it there.
  • Now pull out the phone and make a quick save. Now the friend has to wait for you, as he waits in the vehicle.
  • Now you have to go to the invite only session and head to the strip club parking area.
  • Now once you are near the car, pull out your phone and accept any 3-4 player job that is on the Job list.
  • Now once you are in the lobby, your other friend comes into the picture. Invite your other friend into the lobby and he will spawn up in the game along side.
  • Now go and re-invite your friend who is waiting with the Duke O' Death into the session.
  • Your friend with the car will receive an invite, and he has to accept that invitation.
  • After he's accepted it, an alert message will pop up.
  • Now you and your friend need to co-ordinate carefully – as soon as accepts the invite, he has press the Home button and go to the Network Settings > Connect to the Internet. Here hover over the Connect to the Internet option until you see the vehicle spawn in your session.
  • And sooner you see the vehicle in your session, try to get in. Let your friend know that the car is spawned, he has to now go and press 'X' of 'A' on the Connect to the Internet option, which will get him disconnected.
  • Now he has to press 'X' of 'A' again so that he gets connected back. If done correctly, players will see the car spawn into the game with the Duke O' Death. But your friend will be put out of the game.

Guide to get it inside your Garage

  • Now drive down the Duke O' Death into your garage, it must be a standalone garage that is not attached to the apartment.
  • Now ask your friend to get of his vehicle and watch the Duke O' Death so that it does not de-spawn.
  • Now you have to enter the garage while parking the Duke O' Death very close to the garage door. Now get in the garage and as you enter it exit it immediately.
  • Next, as your friend to do the same thing as you have done, where you will watch over the Duke O' Death and he enters the garage and exits the garage. This will allow players to teleport to street car vehicles. However, some players have had issues teleporting when doing it with the street car vehicles.
  • Now park the Duke O' Death in such a way that the passenger side of the car is blocked by a wall near your garage.
  • Now ask your friend to get into the driver's seat. So now, the passenger' side and the driver's seat is blocked.
  • Now press 'Y' or 'Triangle' and you will get teleported inside of the Duke O' Death.
  • Now enter your garage and pull out a vehicle that you do not need. Now once you get this unwanted vehicle out, pull up your phone, hover over the Job List and this will enable players to go up to the garage door without entering into the garage. So now you have it in the middle of the garage door.
  • Now exit the vehicle, take some steps back and start shooting at the hood of the vehicle. Now as soon as you see some smoke bellowing out of the vehicle, you have to immediately head towards this vehicle and press 'Y' or 'Triangle' to enter it.
  • Doing this correctly will pop out the mini map on the left corner. Immediately, exit the unwanted vehicle, take few steps to the Duke O' Death and press 'Y' or 'Triangle' that allows you to transport into the Duke O' Death's passenger side.
  • Now ask your friend to exit the driver's seat, this will teleport you inside of your garage with the Duke O' Death.
  • These steps have now allowed players to get the Duke O' Death inside your garage. Players can customize it in Los Santos Customs.

For greater detail check the video below:

(YouTube Courtesy: TwoDynamic)