GTA 5 Online, the popular video game from Rockstar, was down for over 12 hours; however, the status page now reveals that the game is online on all platforms, including PS4.

Following the downtime, many GTA 5 players on PS4 were left fuming and they vented their anger on social media sites. Rockstar officially acknowledged that it was aware of the issue and was working to fix it.

The players were frustrated as this downtime affected their daily events or objectives that fetch them good rewards if played every day. It also affects their weekly events and the month-long streak.

The players who do seven and 30-day streak daily events get extra in-game cash and RP.

Previously, Rockstar released several community-made GTA Online Jobs to celebrate the arrival of GTA: Liberty City Stories on iOS devices.

Some of the jobs included: Mafia Mudslide by Babe_Blade (PS4), Family Feud by Gunman36 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One), LS Stories: #2 Dock Raid by NuSpirit (PC), The Offer by Dillono (PS4), The Sicilian Gambit by RitinhaCadilac (PS3), CiprianiCrimeFamily G Map by RicoCarini (Xbox 360 & Xbox One), Going to Liberty City by JesseJeek (PC), The Cemeterio by ByGhost5 (PS3 & PS4), The Wong Side of the Tracks by Turboteo1107 (Xbox 360 & Xbox One), Liberty City Tales by Hearrok (PC) and Sindacco Sabotage by Tripilin (PS3 & PS4)

Rockstar had released Festive Surprise of the Holiday season that added snowfall, Holiday gifts and a new Beast vs. Slasher adversary mode.