GTA 5 was released on 17 October,

In what seems to be the possible release date for Rockstar's PC and New-generation GTA 5 video game, a leak has surfaced from a European retailer listing that mentions 14 November will be the release date of the game.

Since most of the big games come out usually on Fridays and 14 November comes on Friday, the date seems like a possibility. The hint was spotted by PCGamer in Coolshop, a Danish retailer, operating in UK.

However, the listing has now changed the date to 31 December.

Meanwhile, GTA 5 has its share of glitches that though fixed by the company pops up again. However, these glitches have not harmed the game and if fact have made it funnier to play. Recent updates like the Independence Day update and I am not a Hipster update have brought new content to the game.

These glitches work even after Patch 1.15. Below are some of the glitches:

Solo Money Glitch

Players will be able to make more money using this glitch.


  • A secondary character with a fresh garage.

How to go about:

  • Select your secondary character and go to the garage.
  • Go to the GTA 5 in-game site, select Travel and Transport> Legendary Motorsport
  • Go for the Highest Elegy and select the Free Elegy
  • Park your Garage with full of Elegies
  • Now call in for Pegasus.
  • Next park it just in front of the garage, blocking it.
  • Go back to garage and find the most expensive vehicle. Get the new car out and drive it through the city
  • See that it is night outside when u do this. Check your in-game cell phone.
  • Have an invite only session so that others do not disturb.
  • Bring the car to Los Santos Customs.
  • Get a re-spray and take it near a prostitute in the game.
  • Then take her near the alley near the defunct PIMCO or any such alley
  • Next take your pistol out and shoot her.
  • Now go back to your garage, you will still notice that the previous vehicle will be blocking.
  • After making an entry into the garage, go to maintenance.
  • Now your Elegy will become a clone of the car you are already using.
  • Now it the car out again, but players will respawn at some distance from their property.
  • Players will be able to repeat this process numerous times and have a huge list of cars.

(YouTube Courtesy: Jimbothy)

Secret Explosion Trick

This glitch will let players blow up almost anything.

Players will have to get a grenade launcher and go to the windows of any car and start smashing it. The grenade launcher does not need any ammo in it since players will not be able to use it. Players will have to keep pressing B to hit the windows and the car and yourself will blown up to pieces.

This is most affective on fire trucks, ambulances and other heavy automobiles.

(YouTube Courtesy: TrippyGlitcherHD)