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The Heists were one of the most-awaited features of GTA 5 Online and its release in March made many happy. The Pacific Standard Job is one of the last parts of The Pacific Standard Job Heist.

Rockstar describes the goals for this particular heist as: Clear out the flagship branch of the Pacific Standard Bank on Vinewood Blvd. Bust into the bank, control the crowd, crack the vault, pull out what you can, and make a getaway on the bikes.

However, some players have had trouble finishing this heist using bikes. Reddit user Erediv has found an easier and a safer way to complete the Job.

Job Guide

As players rob the bank, they have to see that they kill the hostages. Killing hostages will alert the SWAT and they will proceed to the bank.

Players must see to it that only one person in the crew has all the cash as this will kill off the probability of one loosing the money when they get shot as the rest of the crew, all three of them can protect him.

Provided it's well co-ordinated and the person with cash is careful, the crew team can easily grab hold of $1.25 million and reach the Lectros.

Once everyone is on the bike, make use of the map and one person who is without the cash should follow the blue coloured path – this is the path that Rockstar wants players to take. As for the rest of the crew members, they have to wait at the start location in their vehicles.

So the person who has taken the blue path will be able to see a SWAT vehicle on the road. Now this person must take this vehicle and go back to the start location to pick the rest of the crew members.

Now, the crew must take the red path that is marked in the map. But they have to see to it that the two of the crew seated back do not shoot out. The crew might have to navigate many road blocks but careful driving makes this method a safer one than going on bikes.

The crew must be on their toes as the cops are still on trail until the mission is over. Keep all the cops out of the way by directing three of the crew members to kill the cops from the Dinghy and get to the boat. There is still a possibility of getting killed from the bullets of the cops. So place one member at the Dinghy, while they have their guns pointed on any follow on cops.


GTA 5 PC Release Timings in US and UK

Rockstar has given out the timings of the release of GTA 5 PC. The game will be rolling out on 14 April.

US Release: 13 April 16:00 PDT/19:00 EDT.

UK Release: 14 April 12 AM BST