GTA 5 Online
Heists will be releasing on 10 March, 2015 for GTA 5 Online.Rockstar Newswire

As GTA 5 Online players wait for the upcoming feature, the Heists Update, a new teaser trailer gives us a sneak peek into the widely anticipated feature.

The video that lasts only 15 seconds shows how teamwork is an integral part of GTA 5 Online. The person directing the operation tells the two teams to work closely planning their activities before the mission is actualised.

So there the first team is the ground crew who are parachuted to the location, and enter the targeted location where they will meet their main objective of retrieval of an hardware and co-ordinate the evacuation.

Meanwhile, the second team, the chopper crew will provide cover to the first team by defending them using chopper and heavy machine guns. They will go hammer and gongs on any police vehicles trying to capture the first team.

So we can deduce that the Heists will require proper planning by the teams, with each team having two players each. Previously, Rockstar had said that the Heists will be, "string of intense, multi-part raids and robberies across Los Santos and Blaine County."

We know that players (team) will require a high-end apartment, which will be used as a planning room. The mission will need a Heists leader, who will have to front a required amount of money, which GamesRadar argues is 10% of the total payout.

There will also be five Heists and a range of challenges that teams have to participate in. The most challenging of them is Criminal MasterMind Challenge, which will require players to finish the heists mission and not losing even a single crew. They are required to play it in Hard Mode difficulty level. The payout for this is $10,000,000.

Heists Update is all set to arrive on 10 March for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. PC gamers will have to wait for some more time as the game will only release on 14 April for the platform.

(YouTube Courtesy: Rockstar Games)