Rockstar released new High Life Week for
Rockstar released new High Life Week for Twitter/Rockstar

Developer Rockstar released a new High Life Week for "GTA 5 Online" that will enable players to garner double GTA money, RP (Reputation is the experience point system) playlist and gain discounts.

The official Newswire posted details revealing that the High Life Week will be available from April 22 to April 28. Rockstar is offering players brand new two Inch By Inch maps:

  • Inch By Inch III at Grapeseed Cow Farm
  • Inch By Inch IV at LSIA

Both these maps feature Double GTA money and RP playlist. Players will be able to launch these directly from the game's boot screens. They will be available until April 24, said the post.


As part of the new High Life Week, Rockstar has released not only double RP bonuses but also discounts for properties, yachts, clothing and weapons.

Players will be able to utilise the 20 percent off on all types of yachts available on "GTA 5 Online." Apart from the yacht discounts, players can also look forward to 20 percent discounts on yacht customisations.

Players who wanted to buy new properties in the game, but were waiting for a good time, can buy it now. Rockstar has offered 25 percent discounts on the price of all the Stilt Houses and Penthouses. This offer is valid for a limited time. These discounts apply on Garage property too.

Select clothing on "GTA 5 Online" has also got cheaper by 50 percent. Discounts are available on suits, jackets, pants and shoes. Accessories like chains and cuffs will also have discounts.

There is a 50 percent off on Bullpup Rifle too for those interested.

Double RP Playlist

The Rockstar post also notes that there will be a rotating double RP playlist for the week, starting on April 24.

  • Friday April 22nd through Sunday April 24h - Inch by Inch
  • Monday April 25th through Tuesday April 26th - Races
  • Wednesday April 27th through Thursday April 28th - Team Deathmatches

Apart from the above list, "GTA Online" players will be able to earn double RP if they play in any VIP Work or VIP Challenges and event in Contact Missions.