After weeks of speculations and rumours, Rockstar has finally released information on a new Freemode Events update for GTA 5 Online that aims to bring "advancement in open world gameplay."

Though the last generation consoles are left out of this update, this new content will be dropping to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on 15 September.

The Freemode Events update will allow players to have customisable sessions and doesn't have menus, lobbies or load times. Players can just open the Freemode session and head to the new challenges. The update will feature as Newswire explained, "insane stunt challenges."

These events will provide players with new chances to make more GTA money and RPs in the game, but the rewards will be split with the team members. These events will be available every 12 minutes and players will have the choice of participating, ignoring or just being the spectators.

This new update will be featuring new modes:

King of the Castle: This is similar to the turf war where players will need to defend his "castle" from other claimers.

Hunt the Beast: This mode will give one random player -- 'beast' -- special powers and he will be blessed with super strength and speed, with the objective of crossing 10 checkpoints within the limited time.

The players, 'hunters' are given the job of hunting the beast down amidst the many players. IGN states that the beast will not be visible in the mini-map but only when he reaches a checkpoint and that too only for few seconds. So with lesser time, hunters will have to dart towards beast's last known location.

And to reach this destination, any means of transport can be used, be it super cars, jets or helicopters, in typical GTA style.

The beast might be conspicuous in his attempts of not letting hunters know about him. He might even disguise as a good Samaritan following the traffic rules, that too in GTA. But once he gets marked by his rivals, it will cut the chase and everyone will start heading towards him.

The freemode also features other events like –

Fastest Speed Challenge: Using a land vehicle, players will have to be their fastest with three minutes. They can opt for the runway of their choice

Criminal Damage: Player causing the most damage will be the winner.

Penned in: Players will have to stay inside the "ever-decreasing dome," whose directions are unpredictable. In the event of players getting outside the dome, they will have to get back inside it within nine seconds or they will lose.

Kill List Competitive: Using a Valkyrie helicopter, two teams of four each have to take out as many Merriweather mercs as possible. The teams will also have to fight against each other.

IGN also mentions two other events, Hunting Pack and Cross the Line that Rockstar Newswire calls new Adversary Modes.

The report pointed it rightly that this content is "the biggest since Heists" for GTA 5 Online.

Apart from the above modes, The Freemode Update will also include Rockstar Editor to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Rockstar Editor will also feature ambient audio and sound effects library, Snapmatic integration, Director Mode updates and more.

Rockstar also assured GTA 5 players in the comments section in the Newswire post that it is "definitely working on more vehicles among other things for you to collect for future updates."

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