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Rockstar released Declasse Tornado, which it had promised for "GTA 5 Online" during the Tornado week announcement last week. Declasse Tornado offers a range of customisations for the classy vehicle.

The players need to head to Benny's Original Motor Works to pick it up. They can upgrade the vehicle in stylish custom Lowrider options, Rockstar said in a post on Newswire.

The players will also be able to take advantage of the 25 percent off that is being offered on select modifications at Benny's. This will, however, end April 7.

The players can capitalise on custom Bumpers, Exhausts, Fenders, Hoods, Roofs, Engine Blocks and Air Filters, Hydraulics, Interiors and more. The vehicle allows players to have "eclectic" Livery options, roof design options and more.

Last week, Rockstar added two new Sumo mode maps namely Sumo V and Sumo VI. It also added double RP and GTA money on all Sumo Adversary Modes, Contact Missions from "GTA Online: Lowriders" and select Race Playlists.

Here is the playlist that is currently running, "Street Races (different set of Jobs)" April 6 to April 7.

Rockstar had also discounted some of the weapons, Lowriders clothing in the game.