GTA 5 Online
Heists was released on 10 March, 2015 for GTA 5 Online.Rockstar Newswire

Following the release of Heists update for GTA 5 Online on 10 March, Rockstar had to face issues with the game's servers with players complaining of connection errors and networks going down. However, since then, the company has got to work and made the necessary fixes.

Rockstar announced that it has rolled out Title Update 1.22/1.08 that will bring stability to the game and allow players to go ahead with their Heist missions and have fun.

It noted in its Support page that it has brought a new update that will bring "Fixes for GTA Online to improve stability, and other minor fixes for both GTA Online and Story Mode".

Previously on 12 March it went into maintenance for three hours. However now we find that all the game servers and network services on all the consoles are working fine.

Some fervent fans have shared their deeds and have discovered what the game is capable of along with the glitches following the Heists update to GTA 5 Online.

Money Glitch

YouTube user TwoDynamic has found a money glitch in the GTA 5 Online after the Heists update. Players will be able to milk out some money using this glitch.

Players have to go to the and buy themselves a Karin Rusty Rebel costing $3000.

Now go to Los Santos Customs and go to Wheels category and heat to Rim Types > Offroad > Stock Rim > Amazon

Now buy Amazon for $5000. Next, back out from the purchase - thus tricking the game. Now go to SUV > Chrome Rims > Fagorme. You will see that the Fagorme rims are available for free, now attach it to the wheel of your vehicle. After you attach it, players can see that the vehicle is now worth $40,195. So now players can sell it.

Players can repeat this process and each time they do this they spend about $8000 and will get $32,000 back.

Players have to note that Rockstar could patch the glitch and also it can ban players for making money out of such a glitch.

How to Get Secret Cop Outfit

TwoDynamic has also discovered that players can get to play a cop with full police outfit in free roam mode. A YouTube user calls this as a glitch that could be patched soon.

Players have to load the Prison Break – Station mission. Now when players are at the lobby, they have to select a team known as Cop Station. Now the team will be spawned into the mission. It is better to have only two people go in with full cop uniform rather than all the four.

Now the player is giving the first challenge of stealing a police cruiser. But players can choose to not complete the mission and rather go into a free roam session by finding a new session when they are taken to their high-end planning apartment.

So now the crew members will not have their police outfits so they have to do it is – open the cell phone, go to Quick Job then got to Play Capture and then approve of the event.

This event will load players into a the Capture Mission, however the cop outfit is still not given to you, so next is go to the get into the mission and when you spawn into the raid, you will be donning the police outfit.

Now the next step will be to bring up the Interaction Menu > Accessories > (change) Glasses and this will be saved. Now play through the mission and complete the Capture Mission.

Once players have changed the glasses and completed the mission, the game will get players to the Lobby Screen. Now, players have to go to the Freemode and select it. Players will now spawn into a Freemode session with their cop outfit on.

Now go to the closest Clothes Store, go near the Cashier, press D-Pad, browse through Outfits, go to Outfit Saved and go and save it and edit it with a name.

How to Unlock the Heist Vehicles

TwoDynamic an ardent fan of the game has played the entire Heists mission and has discovered how to unlock all the heists vehicles. Here is the guide ton on how to unlock them all.

  • Savage Attack Helicopter

This vehicle has to be unlocked before purchasing it. Players will have to level up to the mission and it gets unlocked before the final heists mission – the Pacific Standard Job. The helicopter costs $1.96 million in

  • HVY Insurgent

This can be unlocked in the third heist mission and it comes in two variants, the pick-up variant has a turret on top of its roof. The pick-up variant of Insurgent will cost $1.35 million and the normal one costs $675,000.

  • Hydra

Though the Hydra costs about $3million, it is well worth its price and many fans have been requesting for this fighter jet. This is unlocked when players finish the Humane Lobs mission in the third mission.