Rockstar's new Lowriders DLC has now gone live on PS4 and Xbox One, according to the posts from different players.

Lowrider DLC was expected to be dropped on 20 October to PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Currently, PS4 and Xbox One have been receiving it.

The new DLC will be inclusive of new customs shop, Benny's Original Motor Works, which will provide players with the ability to customise various things like covers, air filters, car interiors, custom colours, steering wheel, shift levers, hydraulics, new speakers and many more.

The official post had noted the introduction of new Lamar missions that allowed the players some more money and RPs.

Apart from these, there are new weapons like fully automatic Machine Pistol or Machete. This DLC is also expected to add new custom cars to the game.

Property rebate and more

Meanwhile, Rockstar has announced that the players will be able to get 25% rebate on any of the GTA 5 Online properties that will have a garage of 10-cars. This will be a onetime offer.

It is still being rumoured that there will be some new content for Halloween that is likely to be released during the Halloween week. The rumours point out the addition of two new cars, "btype2" and "lurcher".