GTA 5 Online
GTA 5 Online gets discounts and double GTA money and RPs as Labor Day special.Facebook

Rockstar has announced Labor Day holiday special bonus and promotional discounts for its GTA 5 Online players. These sales come courtesy of Los Santos Chamber of Commerce

GTA 5 Online players this weekend will be able to grab some of the biggest discounts that were announced via the official Newswire. These will be made available on select activities like the ones below:

Elitas Travel Labor Day Sale (4 September) – Discounts worth 25% has been offered on all aircrafts. Along with it, Rockstar is offering Double GTA Money and RPs for all the Air Races and Parachuting Jobs.

Legendary Motorsport Labor Day Sale (5 September) – There is a 25% discounts on the entire gamut of 'high-performance vehicles' in the inventory. Land Races will earn players Double GTA Money and RPs payouts.

Docktease Labor Day Sale (6 September) – Players can buy boats of their dreams for a discounted 25% off at Docktease. Sea Races will earn Double GTA Money and RPs payouts.

Warstock Cache & Carry Labor Day Sale (7 September) – 25% Discounts are being offered on all stock at Warstock Cache & Carry. Deathmatches will earn players Double GTA Money and RPs payouts.